$GALA Revealed as Mirandus Core Token

Michael McCarthy, the founder of Mirandus, has announced $GALA will be used as the core token in-game while $MTRM will be reserved for spells and magical acts.

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Michael McCarthy, the founder of Mirandus, a popular fantasy RPG web3 game, has announced to the game's community that the core token of the game will now be $GALA. This change was made to simplify the game's economy and create a more streamlined experience for players. Despite the change in the core token, $MTRM will still play a crucial role in the game's spells and magical acts.

In Mirandus, Materium is a powerful magical element that is present throughout the game. It comes in various forms such as infused ore in a solid state, liquid potions with special powers, and even as a gas flowing through the skies.

Materium is essential for players to perform any significant actions in the game. It allows players to upgrade their abilities and enhance their character's attributes such as strength, speed, endurance, and more. It's a key element that allows players to transcend the traditional limits of their characters.

McCarthy stated in his Discord announcement that $GALA will be the foundation of the game's economy and will be used for in-game purchases, trading, and rewards, while Materium, $MTRM, will continue to be an integral part of the game's spells and magical acts, allowing players to unlock new abilities and powers. This move will bring more simplicity and clarity to the economy in the fantasy world of Mirandus, making it more accessible and user-friendly for all players.

The game's community has responded positively to the news, with many praising the decision to simplify the game's economy. They believe that this change will help to attract more players and create a more stable and sustainable in-game economy. This is a significant move for Mirandus and its community, and it's likely to have a positive impact on the game's overall player experience and growth.

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September 21st 2023


January 16th 2023

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