Undead Blocks Reveals Undead Mobile; Coming in Q2 2023

Wagyu Games have revealed their plans to bring over the first-person zombie shooter, Undead Blocks, to mobile in Q2 2023.

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Undead Blocks, the popular zombie first-person shooter game, is set to revolutionize the web3 gaming genre by bringing their immersive experience to mobile devices through the use of cloud gaming technology. This move will allow players to enjoy the same high-quality gameplay and graphics on their mobile devices as they would on a PC or console, without the need for expensive hardware.

The game's developers have worked closely with leading cloud gaming providers to optimize the game for mobile, ensuring smooth and seamless gameplay. This technology allows players to stream the game in real-time, allowing them to play on the go without any lag or interruption.

Undead Blocks is gearing up towards going live with their daily earnings mechanism. Players who choose to play the game for free will have access to a different mode compared to those who hold a Weapon Loadout NFT. Free players will only be able to earn standard ZBUX, which cannot be exchanged for any supported cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, NFT holders will have access to a VIP daily earning mode, which is similar to the solo mode but with an additional requirement, players must hold a Weapon Loadout NFT to enter. In this mode, players will earn standard ZBUX at an increased rate and have a chance to earn Gold ZBUX from ZBOX drops.

It is very probable that the move to mobile gaming will not only bring Wagyu Games' title to a wider audience but also create new opportunities for the web3 gaming industry as a whole. The studio believes that this technology will help to pave the way for a new era of gaming where players can truly own and control their virtual assets. Undead Blocks' move to mobile using cloud gaming is set to change the way we play and interact with web3 games and it's likely to inspire other game developers to follow suit. It's an exciting time for web3 gaming, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

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September 21st 2023


January 16th 2023

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