Undead Blocks Daily Earnings Go Live on February 28th

Undead Blocks are turning on the much anticipated daily earnings mechanism on February 28th for weapon pack NFT holders.

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Undead Blocks was one of the Best Shooter game category in our inaugural edition of the GAM3 Awards, and the Wagyu Games team are turning on the burners. Well, not really, they are turning on daily earnings. The incredibly exciting feature takes advantage of the addicting zombies gameplay the game has to offer and rewards you for simply playing the game. The heaps of hours you have sunk into Call of Duty: Zombies will finally be put into good use. The Undead Blocks daily earnings mechanism is scheduled to go live with a major update on February 28th, 2023.

Free-to-play players and NFT holders will have their own separate mode. The former will only be allowed to earn standard ZBUX, and not Gold ZBUX, which is redeemable for any of the supported cryptocurrencies inside Undead Blocks. For a better explanation, free-to-play players can earn XP by killing zombies in the game, which can be used to purchase new weapons. There is a chance that each zombie killed will drop a ZBOX, which will appear on top of the dead zombie and contain a random amount of Standard ZBUX. The probability of a ZBOX drop increases as the round progresses.

Players can choose to play solo or with a friend in Duos mode, where Standard ZBUX are split evenly between the players. However, playing in Duos mode also increases the chances of survival. Standard ZBUX can be earned through grinding in the free-to-play modes and can be redeemed for Loot Coffins that may contain Skin NFTs or, if you're lucky, a Weapon pack.

As for NFT holders, VIP daily earning mode is similar to Solo mode with a special requirement: only players who hold a Weapon Loadout NFT are eligible to enter. In this mode, players will earn Standard ZBUX at an enhanced rate and may also earn Gold ZBUX from ZBOX drops. These Gold ZBUX can be used to upgrade weapon packs, add weapons and attachments to a player's loadout, make limited edition in-game purchases, exchange for Loot Coffins, or convert to the cryptocurrency of their choice. It goes without saying , but players are restricted to using only the weapons included in their Weapon Loadout NFT.

For those interested, you can start browsing both the Undead Blocks Genesis and Apocalypse collections on Opensea if you are keen on getting in the VIP mode to enjoy the daily earnings.

Make sure to check out our Undead Blocks guide before the daily earnings kick in. Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.  

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