Mini Royale: Nations Introduces Gear, A New On-Chain Game Item

Mini Royale: Nations continues to push the boundaries of what blockchain technology can do for gaming with their new on-chain Gear in-game items.

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Mini Royale: Nations has been putting out tons of new content and features into the game for players to enjoy, especially since the release of Season 4 and the introduction of Clan Wars Jackpot. Now, Faraway are adding Gear, a new in-game item for players to enjoy throughout their matches that is on-chain and utilizes the power of blockchain whenever players interact with it.

When a player equips gear to a Hero in the game, the gear becomes part of the Hero's metadata. If the player rents out, sells, or transfers the Hero to another wallet, the gear remains attached to the Hero. Equipping gear enhances a Hero's base progression stats based on the gear's attributes, including type, primary stat, substats, alignment, rarity, and allegiance.

There are currently six types of gear available in Mini Royale: Nations: rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, perfume, and belts. Each piece of gear has one primary stat and potentially up to three substats, which boost the base progression stats of the Hero to whom the gear is equipped. Note: substats will be added in V2.

Good gear can only be equipped on Heroes whose metadata alignment is Good, and Evil gear can only be equipped on Heroes whose alignment is Evil. Heroes with an alignment of Morally Flexible can equip both Good and Evil gear. In addition to alignment, some gear and Heroes also have an attribute called allegiance. Premium and Loot Heroes, such as The Underground, Anarchists, Technorati, etc., may have an allegiance attribute. If a piece of gear has the same allegiance as the Hero it is equipped to, the primary stat of that gear will receive a boost.

What do you think of Mini Royale: Nations new gear items? Do you want to see more games introduce on-chain in-game items and showcase how blockchain can seamlessly integrate into gaming?

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September 21st 2023


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