Mini Royale: Nations Reveals Clan Wars Jackpot and S4 Heroes

Mini Royale: Nations recently revealed their latest major Clan Wars Jackpot tournament alongside Season 4 Premium hero skins.

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Mini Royale: Nations has come a long way since their release back in 2021. Not only in terms of gameplay, but visuals and content has seen an incredible improvement over time. The team over at Faraway are determined to consistently push the standards of web3 game development.  The studio managed to successfully launch the first ever in-game direct minting tool for players to generate unique game items and mint them as NFTs. Now, it is time for the latest addition to Mini Royale: Nations for players to enjoy, The Clan Wars Jackpot.

Clan Wars are recurring events where Clans complete Raids, wager in-game items and let their strategy guide them as they build and defend the city against missile attacks. Mini Royale is about bringing the competitive experience to smaller clans. Clan wars are a key component, where each week pits all the game's strongest clans to battle it out against each other for points and supremacy.

Every Clan War, players can earn awesome rewards like item fragments, $BUTTER (the in-game currency for Mini Royale), Battle Pass progression points, and more. Each week, Faraway will release one special Premium skin that will have a huge effect on the Clan War of that week. As players know, Boosted Skins are an essential element of Clan Wars strategy. To get started earning Boosted Skins, you'll need to open up a loot box and hope that you receive a skin shard for the Premium unlock. Not only is this a random prize for that week's Clan War, but it includes shards from all Premium hero skins from Season 4 as well.

Once you've acquired all the shards for the featured skin highlighted in that week's event, go to The Lab and summon your new Hero. By doing so, not only do you get to enjoy the cool features of the new Hero skin before everyone else does, but participating in skin shard acquisitions also helps the entire community compete against other Clans each week with the Jackpot system. A chunk of the off-chain currency spent by all players to grab these items will be automatically put towards a pool used to award Clans who rank high during these tournaments.

The Mini Royale: Nations Season 4 Clan Wars SOL Jackpot will go live in December 2022, with the specific title yet to be announced.

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