MetaStar Strikers Launches their Mainnet on May 3rd

Get ready to play MetaStar Strikers with your NFTs on the Polygon Mainnet starting May 3rd. Join the massive Launch Tournament and compete for amazing prizes.

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MetaStar Strikers is excited to announce that starting May 3rd, players can enjoy the game on the Polygon Mainnet. Connect your MetaMask wallet and load your Striker NFTs into the game to experience the thrill of playing with your favorite characters on the pitch.

While some features like purchasing new Strikers or trading them in-game are still limited, the move to the Mainnet brings us closer to fully realizing these capabilities in the future.

Progression will be locked for this initial Mainnet release, ensuring a stable and sustainable economy. Strikers' levels and stats will not increase as you play, but this feature will be available once the game launches globally in a few months.

In the meantime, participate in the massive Launch Tournament starting May 3rd. Score as many goals as possible during the event to climb up the leaderboards and earn incredible prizes!

The Launch Tournament will run from May 3rd 10 am GMT+1 until May 13th 10 am GMT+1, with two types of leaderboards:

  1. 10-Day Leaderboard: Compete for 10 days with massive prizes distributed at the end. Players must score as many goals as possible across different matches.
  2. Daily Leaderboard: Compete for smaller daily prizes. Scores are reset each day, and prizes are distributed daily. Players must score as many goals as possible in a single day.

Prizes include 1,200 USDC, 5 VIP Box NFTs, 10 Founder Box NFTs, 20 Free Claim Pass NFTs, and 1,000 Coach Avatar NFTs.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the MetaStar Strikers Launch Tournament on the Polygon Mainnet.

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