GAM3 Awards Meet the Jury: David Hanson | Ultra

Get to meet GAM3 Awards jury member David Hanson from Ultra and know their proudest gaming moment, future of web3 gaming, and more.

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Our inaugural GAM3 Awards features over 30 members on its jury to help recognize the best "gam3s" in each of the 16 categories. The event takes place on December 15, and will be livestreamed across all our socials. It is time to get everyone familiar with each member of our jury. We got the opportunity to sit down with each of them to ask them a set questions to help you get to know them more personally, their favorite gaming moment growing up, what pushed them to make the jump into web3 gaming, and their outlook on the future of blockchain gaming.

There is no hiding how the web3 gaming world is in a tug of war between all different chains trying to prevail as the preferred go-to destination of new game developers entering the space. Ultra is undoubtedly one of the strongest competitors currently on the market, and with David Hanson at the helm, you know they are steering the ship in the right direction. For those of you unfamiliar with how expansive Ultra is, it is an ecosystem where players can find a games store, non-custodial wallet, digital-asset marketplace, live-streaming app, tournament app, and more.

Our existing partnership enables both of us to push web3 gaming forward, and with Ultra's Uniq NFT marketplace and their dedicated Chrome extension, there is a lot to look forward to. David Hanson gave us his answers on what is his favorite gaming memory, how excited he is for what 2023 holds for the future of our industry, and how important it is to develop an easier onboarding experience.

What is your proudest gaming moment?

In the 90ies I participated and won a lot of counter-strike LAN tournaments. I’ve had tremendous fun and winnings helped me keep my computer hardware up to date on the cheap.

What pushed you to transition into work in web3 and choose gaming as your sector of choice?

The possibilities blockchain offers to the game industry are much larger than what people realise. I’m here to have the opportunity to innovate and improve both gamers and game developer’s lives in the process.

What excites you the most about the current state of web3 gaming?

I’m excited to see the first solid games using blockchain technology in 2023 and am looking forward seeing major studios starting innovating in the space.

Where do you see Ultra’s role in the future of web3 gaming?

Ultra will pave the way to offering game developers, both web2 and web3, a suite of technical and business solutions that will make their lives much easier and their businesses more profitable. We are about to show the world that web3 technology can be as easy to use as web2 technology.

If you could name one major milestone yet to happen to push web3 gaming adoption forward, what would it be?

Seamless Web3 in-game user onboarding currently does not exist without a plethora of constrains and limitations. Ultra is at the brink of making this possible effortlessly!

What are you most excited to see come out of Ultra's ecosystem? Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.

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