Polkastarter Gaming Joins Forces With Ultra

Polkastarter Gaming and Ultra aim to leverage each other's communities, technology, content, and platforms to push the web3 gaming space forward together.

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Mostafa Salem

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We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Ultra, the first entertainment platform that brings web3 games, digital assets, tournaments, and live streams to one place, all easily accessible through a single login. Combining the power of Ultra’s up-and-coming platform, with our expertise and experience, can create a powerful launchpad to propel gaming projects to fulfill their potential. 

As things stand, the majority of game developers and gaming projects have no clear path to take ideas and MVPs to market. This new collaboration provides them with the knowledge, support, and help they need to make these ideas a reality, while being guided by a plethora of talent that has been in the gaming industry for almost decades.

We are a platform created by gamers for gamers, providing content for GameFi with early access to gameplay, exclusives, and the state of web3 gaming overall. Our platform’s goal is to showcase the power and beauty of web3 gaming, onboarding as many gamers as possible to the new era of gaming, while providing you with the latest news, unbiased reviews of all the web3 games available, and exclusive interviews to help you discover the hidden gems you have been missing out on.

Ultra comes in as the perfect piece to this challenge, providing a destination, an ecosystem where players can find a games store, non-custodial wallet, digital-asset marketplace, live-streaming app, tournament app, and more. Ultra can benefit from Polkastarter’s content, whereas Polkastarter can benefit from Ultra’s frictionless platform. 

Here’s how the two will work together:

Marketing Promotion and Gaming Content

We and Ultra have agreed on a co-marketing partnership to expand coverage for both brands. Moreover, we will become a new source of relevant games and apps for Ultra. The new content will be available to purchase on the Ultra platform using crypto or credit card. 


Ultra will get the opportunity to introduce its technology to new partners and selected companies. Select companies and game developers will be privileged to access Ultra’s SDK (software development kit), testing and development tools, and the blockchain state AP.

These development tools will assist game developers in adopting blockchain technology into their games without worrying about the hassle of learning everything from scratch, and focusing primarily on delivering enjoyable and memorable gaming experiences.

Content and Asset Distribution

Whether it’s games, NFTs, or apps, we will funnel new assets to Ultra’s ecosystem. At the same time, Ultra will list a soon-to-come carbon-neutral token initiative on the Polkastarter DEX. Ultra have recently launched their Uniq Marketplace, a utility-driven NFT environment where you’ll find several collections from Ultra, NFT artists, partners, and community members available to buy and sell. Make sure to download the platform and try it out yourself. 

Here’s what Omar Ghanem, Head of Polkastarter Gaming, had to say about the collaboration:

From Ultra’s side, here's what Co-CEO David Hanson had to say:

Once again, we are incredibly delighted to be working hand-in-hand with like-minded individuals from the incredible team over at Ultra, who are just as eager as us to push the entire web3 gaming space forward no matter what it takes.

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September 21st 2023


September 1st 2022

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