Legends of Venari Announce Pass Program; Game Access to Partnered NFT Collections

Legends of Venari, the creature collection RPG title, announces its Demo Pass Program, giving game access to partnered NFT collections.

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Legends of Venari is a colorful and uniquely artistic creature collecting RPG title, and they want to bring NFT communities together. The studio announced their Demo Pass Program, allowing holders of selected NFT projects early and exclusive access to play Legends of Venari.

At the moment, you need to own either the Alpha or Gilded Pass from the released Legends of Venari NFT collections to be allowed entry into the current version of the game. The Demo Pass Program allows the team to expand its reach massively and tap into other communities beyond their own holders. At the end of the day, you can only have so many holders, and enabling owners of other projects the chance to try out your game is a simple step towards adopting more players.

At the moment, the list of current partners covers 10 recognizable NFT projects. The team teased others will be announced at a later date, as for other collections interested in the collaboration to reach out through their Discord. If you hold one of any of the partnered projects, you can go to the Legends of Venari website, create an account, and once you sign, you go to your account settings from the top right, and scroll down to Sync Partner Projects to get access.

Current partners:

  • DiamondNFT
  • ReadyPlayerDAO
  • BYOPills
  • The 333 Club
  • ZenAcademy
  • Loveless City
  • Warriors of Aradena
  • CyberKongz
  • UltiverseDAO

Which one of the partnered NFTs do you hold? Did you get the chance to try out Legends of Venari and embark on its captivating adventure to catch 'em all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


August 27th 2022

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