Immutable and Amazon Investing in the Next Evolution of Gaming

Immutable's partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) promises a safer, more accessible future for web3 gaming.

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Immutable x AWS

Immutable, a key player in web3 gaming, has established a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that could have a significant impact on the gaming industry. This collaboration aims to simplify game development, enhancing safety and accessibility for developers and gamers. As the web3 gaming sphere continues to grow, this partnership holds the potential to reshape the way we play and build games today.

Immutable x AWS

Unpacking the Collaboration

Immutable X is set to become a part of Amazon's ISV Accelerate Program, a co-sell initiative for organizations offering software solutions compatible with AWS. This partnership will open doors to a network of potential game studio partners and access to dedicated resources from AWS, facilitating prospective deals. AWS Account Managers will also be incentivized to generate leads for Immutable, fostering mutual growth.

A noteworthy aspect of this partnership is Immutable's ability to offer AWS cloud credits to game studios through AWS Activate, providing up to $100,000 to cover cloud services. This partnership aspires to simplify the game development process, enabling studios to create gaming experiences with ease.

A Game-Changer for the Industry

With enhanced developer support, deal referrals, and a robust pipeline of opportunities, Immutable stands poised to redefine the gaming landscape. Their ecosystem encompasses various game studios and players, vital ecosystem partners, and infrastructure components, ensuring a secure and reliable gaming environment. This Immutable-AWS collaboration seeks to empower builders and gamers by merging gaming technology with digital asset ownership.

Why This Matters

Immutable's faith in AWS is rooted in factors such as security, performance, proximity to users, and developer environment flexibility. As Immutable has grown, it has collaborated with industry leaders like GameStop and Illuvium to integrate solutions into the game development process. The partnership with AWS further enhances Immutable's scalability, offering security and over 99 percent uptime, crucial elements in the evolving web3 gaming industry.

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Today, web3 gaming is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the blockchain industry and is already enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. AWS is supporting Immutable's development by onboarding new game studios and providing them with resources through our AWS Activate startup program and AWS’s ISV Accelerate Program, which give them the tools to accelerate their global launch.

John Kearney, head of startups at Amazon Web Services, Australia and New Zealand

Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda have played a pivotal role in Immutable's serverless architecture, enhancing scalability and improving the customer experience. This architecture has enabled Immutable to handle an increase in partnered games while accelerating feature releases in the web3 gaming realm.

A Full-Stack Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Immutable is becoming the one-stop shop where game developers can find all the components they need to build an amazing web3 game, including streamlined distribution via their Global Orderbook and Marketplace Network, and wallet and transaction infrastructure via Immutable Passport and Immutable Checkout, respectively. Immutable hosts an entire suite of vertically integrated products for their platform services. These are hosted in AWS, utilizing an event-driven architecture:

Player Experience:

  • Immutable Passport - Instant wallet onboarding
  • Immutable Checkout - All-in-one transaction infrastructure

Revenue Engine:

  • Immutable Global Orderbook & Marketplace Network - Maximize distribution and demand for your assets
  • Immutable Mint - Scalable NFT minting tools
  • Immutable Trade - Reliable NFT trading endpoints

Developer Experience:

  • SDKs - Build and launch in days
  • Developer Hub - Mission control for web3
  • Blockchain Data APIs - Powerful APIs to manage your assets


  • Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon: Game-specific EVM ZK-rollup chain - the gold standard for Ethereum gaming.
  • Immutable X, powered by StarkEx: Optimized game-specific ZK-rollup.

Final Thoughts

Immutable's partnership with AWS is a significant development for the web3 gaming industry. They have multiple product launches and industry partnerships in the pipeline for 2023 and beyond. Together with AWS, they're working on programs aimed at onboarding game studios to web3 and expanding digital ownership to gamers globally. With Immutable and AWS announcing this collaboration, the future of web3 gaming looks promising.


October 12th 2023


October 11th 2023

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