Immutable X to Power Undead Blocks Skins Economy

Undead Blocks integrate Immutable X in-game to power up their skins economy and benefit from IMX's scalability and network advantages.

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Undead Blocks and Immutable X have announced their partnership, and it goes just beyond the normal boundaries we are used to in the web3 gaming space with this type of announcements. Wagyu Games, the studio behind Undead Blocks will integrate Immutable X’s layer 2 solutions to increase the game’s scalability, and allow for more room for growth and player adoption.

One of the most common barriers to entry in the web3 gaming space at the moment is players worrying about transaction fees and relatively user experience when interacting with blockchain aspects within the game. Immutable X aims to address these topics directly, and their shift towards gaming is evident in their recent Gamestop Wallet integration as well as their $500M Developer & Venture Fund.

Polkastarter Gaming got the chance to speak to Grant Haseley, the Executive Director of Wagyu Games and Undead Blocks, and he provided us with the following exclusive quote on what their recent announcement with Immutable X means to the studio as well as players looking to buy and sell in-game assets without the hassle and stiffness of other networks. Skins are a massive selling point in any shooter game, and Wagyu Games is looking to leverage Immutable X’s technology to power it up to the next level.

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“Wagyu Games will have the most robust skins economy in the WEB3 gaming industry. Leveraging an aggressive, low barrier to entry microtransaction model powered by IMX, gamers will finally have the ability to buy and sell their assets that they collect within our ecosystem.”

Grant Haseley, the Executive Director of Wagyu Games and Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks stands out from the rest of the web3 gaming space with their weekly free-to-play tournaments, allowing players to enjoy the game and earn while playing the game completely without any barriers of entry other than simply downloading the game. The two most recent tournaments are Genblock Capital’s AKM Assault and our very own MP5 Massacre, both with $10K prize pools.

What would you like to see come out of the Undead Blocks and Immutable X partnership? Who else you think is in the partnership pipeline for Wagyu Games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.  Make sure to check out our Undead Blocks guide before the daily earnings kick in.  

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September 21st 2023


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