Genopets Latest Update: New Referral, Banking Rewards, and More

Discover the latest Genopets updates including referral rewards, increased banking rewards, and exciting new features in development.

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Genopets is rolling out a series of updates and features that will enhance the player experience and offer more rewards. One of the exciting updates is the Friendship Rewards program. Players who refer a friend before 11:59 PM PT on Friday, March 31st will receive a bonus of 5,000 Energy added to their account the following Monday.

Another update focuses on increasing the Banking Reward Drop Rates. Genopets has increased the quantity multiplier for Banking Rewards, which means players are more likely to receive Food and Toys when they get Banking Rewards. This improvement aims to provide players with more resources for their Genopets' nurture needs.

To further support newcomers, Genopets is developing a Nurture Starter Pack feature. This will allow new players to claim introductory Food & Toys, ensuring their Genopet has the essentials for a good start.

In addition to these updates, Genopets is working on the Genodex Studio feature, which will enable players to preview and try out different Augments and color combinations on their Genopet before Crafting or purchasing on Magic Eden. This development aims to provide players with more customization options and a better understanding of their Genopet's appearance.

Visual improvements are being made as well, with the summoning scene featuring W.H.I.T.T.A.K.R. receiving an update. Additionally, players can now show off their banked steps on social media with an eye-catching animated scene, encouraging more engagement and sharing within the community. Not only that, Genopets has implemented a cooldown state for infinite-use items, ensuring that they remain balanced in gameplay. Players can view item cooldown information in Mainframe and the mobile app. This change aims to provide a fair gaming experience for all players.

A lot to digest and a lot of improvements have been made to Genopets during the past period. What are your thoughts on all of the changes?

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