GAM3 Nominees for Best Adventure Games 2022

A deep dive into the five finalists for the GAM3 Awards Best Adventure Games category. Everything you need to know so you can choose your winner.

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Games let you go on magical adventures, impersonating characters and becoming the protagonist in larger than life storylines. Some of them have managed to cement themselves within the gaming industry forever, with the most prominent examples being Mario trying to save Princess Peach from Bowser and Link fighting against all evil forces to bring peace back to the Kingdom of Hyrule. Web3 gaming hasn't reached this level of memorable storytelling and unforgettable storylines, but the industry has moved on from pointless idle clickers and zombie token farmers to pull in real gamers with compelling protagonists and strong antagonists that keep you strapped to your seat to know what the next chapter holds. Let's get right into it and see what our five GAM3 Awards Best Adventure finalists got to offer.

Big Time

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In Big Time, you play as a time traveler who’s been summoned to the end of the universe, to take part in the greatest adventure in human history. Your journey will send you to the farthest reaches of time and space, where you’ll encounter ancient mysteries, terrifying dangers, and even a few familiar faces.

Big Time takes you on a journey to explore history and technologically advanced civilizations in a shared multiplayer world. You will get to join forces with up to 6 friends to fight your enemies through time and space. I think there is nothing more to say because if seeing Albert Einstein standing next to a T-Rex doesn't get you hooked, we don't know what will. Big Time raises the bar high for the GAM3 Awards Best Adventure category.

Earth from Another Sun

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Earth From Another Sun puts you in the leader position to command your armies and rule the galaxy. You get to show your enemies how brutal you can be, explore the galaxy and get others to join your league, build trade networks to strengthen your economy, and make sure you fight alongside the legions you command. Once you control all of it, remodel the galaxy as you see fit to create a completely new empire under your rule.

Earth From Another Sun brings a ton of RPG elements to its game as well. This alone personalizes the overall experience and makes sure each playthrough is different, adding tons of replayability value and different perspectives of the game for each player. EFAS is one of the strongest contenders to take home the GAM3 Awards Best Adventure title.

My Pet Hooligan

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My Pet Hooligan is the creation of AMGI Studios and their mission to enhance the physical to digital experience within web3 gaming. The Rabbit Hole is an immersive experience that pits all the lovable yet dangerous rabbit hooligans against the dangerous Zuck Bots looking to take over the metaverse. My Pet Hooligan takes web3 gaming up a notch and gives players creative freedom over their own experience and how they want to play the game.

One of the best features in this game is its focus on community. This is emphasized through gameplay, where you're encouraged to group up and play together. The creative freedom the game gives its players and the open nature of My Pet Hooligan enables everyone to have their own adventure and write their own story.

The Sandbox Game

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The Sandbox Game is one of the staple names in the simulation and metaverse  categories. The title has been around for years and managed to strike countless partnerships with incredibly popular and mainstream brands that bring tons of eyes to the web3 gaming industry, and The Sandbox Game specifically.  A number of recent and significant partnerships include FaZe Clan's obstacle course, Paris Hilton‘s unique avatars and Malibu Mansion, and Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen adaptation, the first culinary experience in the game.

The Sandbox hosts a variety of games to cater to different tastes, and Alpha Game Maker provides an endless pipeline of different experiences. You can create all these games in the Game Maker and tailor them to suit your particular style, whether you’re going for Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Dark and Medieval Fantasies, Puzzle, Exploration Adventure, Survival or Lifestyle.


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Aurory invites its players to explore a rich and diverse universe in Antik and Tokané. On their adventure, they will roam across ancient worlds and complete quests, go on quests to find lost relics, defeat enemies, and compete against other players using creatures called "Nefties." You will find these cute little guys all over the Aurory universe and your main goal will be to hunt them down and catch them. Once you have assembled the team you want from different elements, you can train them, battle against other players, and continue to climb the server's leaderboard.

Who do you think will walk away with the GAM3 Awards Best Adventure trophy? Which one do you enjoy playing the most? Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.

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