Galaxy Fight Club Announces 250K USD Cross-IP Championship

Galaxy Fight Club Cross-IP Championship pits over 25 NFT projects with a 250K USD prize pool of NFTs and in-game assets.

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Galaxy Fight Club has always been about promoting cross-IP gameplay and enabling NFT holders of various projects to play with their favorite character. The studio is taking it a step further and putting a 250K USD worth of NFTs and in-game assets. in the game's biggest tournament yet.

The Galaxy Fight Club Cross-IP Championship invites over 25 NFT projects to battle it out in the multiplayer game across a series of 3 events with over 250K USD in prize pool up for grabs. The list of projects hasn't been revealed yet, but the tweet's replies hints towards potential contestants. This includes Rumble Kong League, Llamaverse, Deadheads, BYOPills, among others.

Each partner will get their own exclusive Trophy Run to act an introductory event with no consequences for everyone to get better at the game. Once this stage is done, each community will get a Qualifying Tournament with the winners making it on the big stage for the Cross-IP Championship.

This comes in line with recent news across various other web3 games promoting esports and a competitive environment for their players. Most recently, Guild of Guardians announced a partnership with 8 of the top esports organizations in the world, and FaZe Clan working with The Sandbox Game to deliver an obstacle course experience in 2023.

Which NFT project will you represent in the upcoming tournament? Who do you think will walk away with the crown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


September 20th 2022

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