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Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is the first cross-IP game focused on fast-paced PvP for the NFT Universe allowing holders of different NFT collections to battle with each other to win and earn rewards through play- to-earn mechanics and real-time mobile-first MOBA gameplay.

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Galaxy Fight Club’s vision is to build a truly open ecosystem with interoperability of digital items where the players, instead of the company, own their IP and use it as they see fit. It is probably one of the few games out there that allow both NFT collectors and traditional gamers to come together in one place. The studio allows you to import the support NFTs into the game and convert them into characters to compete with in-game

Galaxy Fight Club makes it easy for anyone to jump in and play. If a player does not have access to any avatars, they will be given a default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon. On the other hand, if you have either a Genesis Galaxy Fighter or a partnered NFT collection, you can choose that character to play with in-game. It won't affect gameplay in any way to avoid any pay-to-win mechanics, but the earning mechanism slightly differs based on the rarity and level of your characters and its equipment.

Three factors determine the overall strength of your fighter:

  1. Race (25%)
  2. Clothes (Armor) (25%)
  3. Weapon (50%)

These three elements together make up the total strength of your fighter. Other traits in a fighter can also add bonus points to their overall strength, as an example fighters with laser eyes obviously increases their attack power and fighters wearing helmets obviously have increased defense.


As mentioned above, weapons form 50% of your character's overall power. This is why it is definitely worth taking the time to select the one most suitable to your playstyle. The supply for weapons is purposely capped to make sure it is sought after by Galaxy Fight Club's playerbase. Each of the original Galaxy Fighter comes with their own weapon which can be used inside the game, similar to the fighters themselves, the strength of the weapon is correlated with their rarity and tier.

Forging refers to the process of combining a number of weapons into a higher tier and stronger weapon at The Blacksmith. The specific weapon that comes out of the forge will be randomly generated however ranged weapons will always generate a ranged weapon and melee weapons will forge into a melee weapon. The following table shows a preview of the result tier and the required number of ingredients to get there.

  • Common: 4 Basic
  • Uncommon: 4 Common
  • Rare: 3 Uncommon
  • Epic: 2 Rare
  • Legendary: 2 Epic
  • Mythic: 2 Legendary
  • Exotic: 2 Mythic

Game Modes

3v3 Team Battles: The game's primary mode where strategy and teamwork are key. Teams can form through matchmaking or by teaming up with friends. Rewards vary based on the characters and weapons used, with loot box keys as the main prize.

Tournaments: Exclusive to Galaxy Fighters, these competitive events require pre-formed teams and offer substantial cryptocurrency rewards for the winners, enhancing the competitive thrill.

1v1 Deathmatches: A direct, skill-based mode where two players face off. This mode emphasizes pure player skill over external rewards, focusing on personal achievement.

Battle Royale: A survival battle where players compete to be the last one standing. The game area shrinks over time, forcing players into closer combat, with rewards details currently being finalized.

Play To Earn (P2E) System

Players earn Key Fragments by competing in matches, with the rarity of these fragments depending on the equipment used. These fragments can be crafted into full keys that unlock loot boxes, which contain new fighters and weapons. This system rewards active participation and strategy, providing players with the excitement of potential game-enhancing items through loot boxes.

How to Get Started

Galaxy Fight Club is free to play, offering anyone the chance to enjoy the experience. If you don’t have access to any avatars or NFT’s, you will be given a default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon. The only difference is that the rewards you can earn from winning are different based on the avatar or weapon you play with. 

Since August 22nd, all players of 3v3 Death matches, both NFT and Non-NFT holders, now have a chance of winning key fragments that can be sold individually or combined into a key which can also be sold individually or used to open loot boxes on the Galaxy Fight Club website. These boxes include characters and weapons the player can take with them into battle.

If you wish to acquire any of the game’s NFTs, including characters and companions, you can visit their various collections on Opensea.

About Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP, cross-platform (PC + Mobile) PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other.