DeRace Development Update Recaps Horse Achievements, Gen Races, and More

Dive into the latest DeRace weekly development update featuring improved horse achievement tracking, generation races, Jockey Silks, and testing of NFT Jockey mechanics.

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DeRace's latest weekly development update brings exciting new features and improvements to the platform, making the gaming experience even more immersive and enjoyable for its players.

Enhanced horse achievement tracking is one of the main updates, addressing the community's request for an easier way to track progress towards achievements, particularly those related to finishing first, second, or third on each surface. This improvement not only simplifies progress tracking but also provides players with a sense of accomplishment as they work towards completing their goals.

Another significant update is the addition of generation races. Horse generation requirements are now live on the platform, allowing for the creation of targeted events and races specific to certain horse generations. This feature gives players more opportunities to showcase their horses and compete against others of the same generation, adding variety and excitement to the competition.

The DeRace Jockey Silks generator is also making progress, now in the test-net phase. Game designers are experimenting with different combinations and images for the Silks, with plans to share some exciting designs with the community next week.

Lastly, the team is hard at work testing various aspects of Jockey Mechanics, including the bonding feature between DeRace Jockeys and their horses. This mechanic is essential for the overall gameplay experience, allowing players to develop unique connections with their horses and Jockeys and fostering a deeper level of engagement with the DeRace metaverse.

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September 6th 2023


April 23rd 2023

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