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zkRace (formerly DeRace) is a leading Web3 horse racing game and the first to feature a zk-rollup-based infrastructure designed for GameFi, powered by the $ZERC token. zkRace aims to bring a significant change to the Web3 gaming landscape.

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zkRace combines the adrenaline of video gaming with the tradition of horse racing, all enhanced by blockchain and NFTs. Horse racing might seem niche, but with a market value over $4 billion, it's a force to be reckoned with. zkRace taps into this potential, blending the thrill of gaming with the rich tradition of horse racing.

In zkRace, players can take on various roles. You can own and race NFT horses, breed them, trade them, or even rent them to other players. For those looking for more involvement, you can manage a hippodrome, organizing races and events. The gameplay is flexible, letting players decide their level of involvement and strategy, all while aiming for different rewards.

Gameplay and Features

Player Earnings

Earnings in zkRace depend on whether you own a horse or manage a hippodrome. Hippodrome administrators earn by hosting races and tournaments, charging entry fees. Horse owners have multiple earning options: winning races, breeding and selling horses, or renting them out.


zkRace stands out not just as a leading Web3 horse racing game but also as the first to utilize zk-rollup technology. This tech enhances scalability, transparency, and fun, overcoming traditional blockchain limitations while ensuring all transactions are verifiable. The zk-rollup infrastructure allows zkRace to be cross-chain, making it accessible on all major blockchain networks. This expands its reach and supports mass adoption.

Horses, Jockeys, and Hippodromes

Like real-life racehorses, zkRace NFT horses have different traits that define their rarity, performance, and cool-down time. zkRace horses’ rarity is determined by its tier, of which there are 5: Olympian, Demi-God, Alfa, Beta and Omega (Olympian being the rarest, while Omega most common). They are 100% one-of-a-kind. An NFT horse is necessary in order to participate in the races and earn payouts.

The visible NFT horse traits include sex, color, shape, breed, breeding and racing cool-down, while the hidden traits are reaction time, speed, and stamina. However, them being hidden doesn’t mean they are any less important. In fact, speed and stamina are arguably the most influential in determining whether your horse can win a race or not. For more information on what each of the hidden stats do, check out the breakdown below:

  • Reaction time: how fast a horse can react to the start signal and leave the gate
  • Stamina: how long can a horse maintain its speed. Favored terrains can keep you going for a longer distance at top speed than others
  • Speed: the maximum potential speed a horse can reach

zkRace NFT horses perform differently in various hippodromes: some horses are faster on dirt, some on turf and some on synthetic surface. Performance also depends on racetrack length: some horses are excellent in short distances while some are outstanding in long ones. Race NFT horses in different hippodromes to find out what type of races he prefers.

NFT horses’ levelling system unlock their ability to be equipped with various performance buffing/debuffing wearables. Horse level depends on the amount of experience points collected from participating in races and winning them, and overall activity on the platform.

The NFT Jockeys will quickly become a major influence into zkRace's gameplay mechanism. Each Jockey owns a distinctive silk/uniform differing both in color and patterns, which helps them to be easily recognized during the race. Jockey NFTs can be used with any horse, however racing your Jockey more with a specific horse will enhance their bond. The stronger the bond between the rider and the horse, the better the team performs.

As in real life, each jockey has a racing style and depending on their racing style, you can adapt your strategy around that. Certain jockeys will give you a boost in the early part of the race and it is on you to maintain that lead while others have hidden traits that allow them to pick up the pace towards the final stretch for one last shot at glory.

Horse races take place in hippodromes. Currently there are 6 hippodromes in the zkRace metaverse: Greenfield and Golden Valley (dirt surface), Paradise Hills and Nordic Lights (synthetic surface), Emerald Gardens and Sakura Path (turf surface).

zkRace hippodromes differ in their visual appearance as well as their inherent parameters. The maximum track length of the current hippodromes varies from 8 to 16 furlongs, generating races between 2 and 15 furlongs. They also have 3 different surfaces: dirt, synthetic and turf; which affect the NFT horse’s performance — more specifically — its stamina.

Hippodrome owner is guaranteed a right to administrate races and manage the hippodrome by determining both participation fees, prize fund and other criteria of the races, as well as hosting tournaments and any other events within that hippodrome. A dedicated part of the collected entry fees is shared among all the hippodrome owners. They also schedule the banner placements in the owned hippodromes, make deals with other projects and companies to sponsor their events and much more!

How to Get Started

Connect your MetaMask, WalletConnect or any other wallet to zkRace to start a new and thrilling adventure!

To play in zkRace metaverse you’ll need:

  • an NFT horse which you can purchase on OpenSea or rent out directly on the platform
  • $ZERC tokens on Polygon Network for your in-game needs
  • a small number of $MATIC tokens on Polygon Network to deposit/withdraw NFT assets & $ZERC tokens into your in-game wallet
  • additional in-game NFTs such as Horse Equipment, Liquid Love or others to unlock additional gameplay opportunities

After signing in, deposit your $ZERC tokens and other assets such as NFT horses, Liquid Love, and others, into the in-game wallet on the "My Wallet" tab to begin your zkRace journey.

About zkRace


zkRace is a premier Web3 horse racing game featuring innovative zk-rollup technology designed for the GameFi ecosystem.