CyBall Reborn V1.1 Update Goes Live; Adds Custom Rooms and Replays

Cyball Reborn 1.1 update brings Custom Rooms, Replays, and a handful of quality of life changes making the game better than it already is.

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CyBall Reborn debuted a little over 2 months ago, and the complete overhaul compared to the original version of the game alone was incredible. It added a significant visual upgrade, improved UI, better looking action cards, and much more. Well, that was only the beginning, because Cyball Reborn v1.1 update brings in a ton of new content and new modes for players to try out, alongside important information on the future of the game.

The most significant gameplay changes come directly in the form of Cyball Reborn finally receiving the much awaited Custom Rooms. Players can now set up rooms to compete in friendly matches, or organize and participate in self-hosted competitions.

Another feature likely to be used by those looking to improve their gameplay or even become professional Cyball Reborn players is a Replay function. Matches will be recorded automatically in the future, and you can access them at any time to review your gameplay and refine your strategy for future opponents.

Cyball Reborn’s Cyrum sale kicked off on July 26th and spanned 3 days, burning 2.46M $CBT in the process or the equivalent of 2.2% of the supply at the time. The role of Cyrums is to transform your Cyblocs into mutants with more powerful stats and fearsome players. It is clear the game and its development studio has set out to make sure they dominating the web3 gaming sports genre as much as they can.

Last but not least, PC users, both Windows and Mac, will have to download a launcher to play Cyball Reborn in the future. The update didn’t quite end there, as it introduced a handful of quality of life changes. This includes:

  • In-game hotkeys
  • Scroll between tactic cards using the arrow keys
  • Use 1/2/3 keys to select and unselect CyBlocs
  • Shift + 1–5 keys to view previous key events
  • Revamped collection screen catering to mobile devices.
  • Revamped strategy screen now showing CyBlocs, their skills and traits, for both teams

The Cyball Reborn 1.1 update is already live on Android, but still not out yet on iOS or PC as of the time of writing. It is worth noting that the current 3v3 Exhibition mode live on Cyball Classic will go offline starting from the upcoming 1.2 update.

Let us know in the comments section down below which new feature are you excited to try out the most. Is it setting up custom matches with your friends or watching back your games through the Replay function?

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September 21st 2023


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