Best Web3 Games of May 2023

We cover the best blockchain games for the month of May 2023 who headlined the web3 gaming world with major announcements, game updates, and releases.

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May 2023 has been no exception in delivering an impressive lineup of new releases in web3 gaming. This month, we've seen the launch of various games as well as closed and open betas, each with its own unique achievements From challenging motorcycle races to space exploration and strategy games, let's dive in and explore the top five Web3 games for May.

The Unioverse

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Developed by the Random Games Company, The Unioverse is an innovative, community-owned sci-fi video game franchise that has hit the ground running this May. Conceived by gaming veterans Wyeth Ridgeway and Tony Harman, The Unioverse is reminiscent of Star Wars, with an array of iconic characters and an immersive universe.

The Unioverse offers players the chance to own and inhabit beautifully animated 3D characters across a range of games developed by the studio. The game's first live release, Unioverse: Proving Grounds, offers players an arduous obstacle course filled with adversaries and the chance to secure their place on the leaderboard.

Trial Xtreme

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Trial Xtreme presents an exciting, high-stakes realm of motorcycle racing that tests player's abilities to the hilt as they negotiate challenging tracks brimming with hurdles. The game captivates with its striking graphics, authentic physics, and meticulous controls, offering a sense of genuine motorcycle racing thrill as players traverse through a variety of rigorous levels. Offering customization options for both bikes and riders, Trial Xtreme encourages players to refine their skills, climb the leaderboards, and secure unrivaled prestige in this thrilling racing universe.

The closed alpha for Trial Xtreme went live in May, offering over 30 levels, bike and rider customization, endless tournaments, and the first-ever Festival Zone. The stunning visuals, realistic physics, and precise controls offer a compelling gameplay experience for racing enthusiasts.

NFL Rivals

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NFL Rivals propels you into the exhilarating world of football, where you step into the shoes of an NFL General Manager, architecting and directing your ultimate team to the coveted end zone. Employ strategic acumen to etch your name as the most formidable GM in NFL annals, outmaneuvering your competitors via dynamic, arcade-inspired football action teeming with high-energy thrills and unceasing enjoyment.

Launched on iOS and Android, NFL Rivals delivers an immersive experience for football fans. Through exclusive events, you can earn unique rewards and represent your favorite NFL teams, making NFL Rivals a comprehensive gaming experience for all football enthusiasts.



Blocklords is at the vanguard of the strategy gaming universe within the web3 realm, embodying the beloved features of celebrated franchises such as Age of Empires, Total War, and Crusader Kings. In the world of Blocklords, each decision and action carves out a player's in-game narrative, effectively empowering players to shape their own distinct shared journeys with others. Every Hero character serves as a digital asset, granting players comprehensive ownership of the game's economy.

The open beta for Blocklords went live this May, offering a glimpse into this much-anticipated strategy game. Players who complete the full experience track during the beta will receive a special Militia Hero, adding another layer of excitement to the game.

Illuvium: Overworld


Last but not least, Illuvium: Overworld is the RPG component of the Illuvium franchise. It tasks players with exploring the towering continent above the crystal ocean, capturing Illuvials, and uncovering the planet's secrets.

The Overworld Private Beta 2 for Illuvium launched this month, bringing new challenges, creatures, and areas to explore. Players can engage with the mysterious Morphopods, experience the Overload mechanic, and navigate through uncharted territories such as the Abyssal Basin and Brightland Steppes.

In conclusion, May 2023 has been an exciting month for Web3 games, offering a range of unique experiences for gamers. From sci-fi adventures to strategy games and sports simulations, the gaming world is evolving at a rapid pace, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

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