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MonkeyLeague is a next-gen esports metaverse that combines high-production-value multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain technology, NFTs and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based play-to-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.

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MonkeyLeague is a challenging and engaging football game that is simple to understand, but difficult to master. Players can earn rewards in the form of MonkeyBucks, the primary in-game currency. The objective is to build, train, and manage a team of at least four Monkey NFTs to fill the Striker, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalie positions, each with their own designated area on the field. Each MonkeyPlayer possesses core game skills such as Passing, Control, Accuracy, and Defense, with current and potential level stats that can be improved upon.

MonkeyLeague NFTs

Each MonkeyPlayer NFT possesses both collectible and practical value, with a unique DNA of 32 traits consisting of its Appearance, Game Skills, and Game Perks. The rarity of each NFT is determined by the limited number of Monkey NFTs available, with a total of 2.5 trillion possible permutations. The NFTs consist of eleven Appearance traits, which vary in rarity, and an Alpha Score, which represents the likelihood of that specific combination of traits appearing among the entire population. Alpha Scores for Generation Zero range between 180-800.

Monkey NFTs come equipped with four fundamental game skills: Accuracy, Passing, Control, and Defense, as well as twelve Perks or boosters. By participating in matches, players can improve their game skill stats, level up their NFTs and reach their maximum potentials to achieve optimal performance levels. Similar to real-life sports, MonkeyAthletes have limits to their performance as every action and match they play reduces their Stamina and success rates, and increases their chances of getting injured. To ensure they are ready to play, players must manage their MonkeyPlayers' Stamina and Health by providing them with Nutrition and MedCare items.

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Assemble the ideal team by carefully selecting players with the right skills, position scores, Stamina and HP levels. Prior to each match, strategically organize the roster. Having more than four MonkeyPlayers provides an advantage as it offers more options and flexibility on the field. Improve your Monkey NFTs' stats and level them up through match play to enhance performance.

Game Modes

Matches are played between two teams of five  Monkeys each, with multiple rounds of gameplay. Each round, both teams take turns and perform a series of moves until they lose possession of the ball or score. During a turn, players can move their team's Monkeys to different quadrants, dribble the ball to another quadrant, pass to a teammate, shoot at the goal, or perform a special move if available. When performing actions and moves, they are challenged, meaning the stats of your Monkey are compared against the opposing players’. For example, when your Striker takes a shot on goal, their stat level is compared to the Goalie's level.

Creating a successful team begins with identifying the right players and assembling them into the optimal lineup. The key positions on the field are Striker, Defender, Midfielder, and Goalie, each with its own designated zone that determines its options and mobility. Each position has standard actions that all positions can perform, as well as signature moves and perks specific to that position. When selecting one of your Monkey players to perform an action, the highlighted area shows its range of action and mobility.

Each MonkeyPlayer NFT is equipped with 12 Game Perks, separated by position zone with three perks under each zone. These boosters activate when the respective zone is entered and the related move is performed. Success in MonkeyLeague is not solely dependent on having the strongest players and overpowering opponents. Similar to skilled chess players who can win with any pieces, the top MonkeyLeague players have the ability to win with any Monkeys and apply strategic thinking to build and develop a diverse team.

How to Get Started

MonkeyLeague is still currently under development. However, anyone interested can sign up through the form UnCaged Studios published through their socials. If you are selected, you will be contacted to participate in the game's upcoming early access playtests to help the development team shape the final experience and provide valuable feedback.

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MonkeyLeague is the next-gen web3 sports game that empowers players to Play - Earn - Compete.


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