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MetaStar Strikers offers an exceptional casual gaming experience that all mobile users should indulge in. The game incorporates captivating features that enhance the desire to engage, including an addictive yet concise gameplay loop and a sleek UI design. Alongside a variety of unlockable and upgradable character skills, as well as a competitive leaderboard that fuels player motivation to excel, the game captivates attention and effectively rewards those who invest time in exploring beyond the surface "Play" button.


While MetaStar Strikers might not be celebrated for its graphics, it possesses a distinct artistic style that contributes to its charm. With adorable character designs and a pleasantly engaging UI, players are immediately drawn in from their initial interaction with the game, even a month after their first encounter. The game offers an easily graspable gameplay loop and incorporates a tutorial accessible from the main start menu, ensuring a smooth learning curve for players. Positioned on the right side of the screen, the leaderboard and play buttons complement the display of owned strikers on the left and main strikers in the center, providing a well-structured main menu that caters to players' needs.

Tapping the central character icons grants access to the skill menu, which is well-designed and user-friendly. The menu features three distinct skill trees, each expandable with earned points. These trees enhance shooting and passing, speed, and teamwork abilities, significantly elevating the overall performance of strikers. Although victory is achievable without these skills, they streamline gameplay and bolster the potential for scoring success. The flexibility to reset or redistribute skill points enhances the skill tree system's utility, with room for future expansion and diversification.

Within gameplay, various icons, thoughtfully labeled, facilitate action comprehension. Players can maneuver characters, pass and shoot the ball, tackle opponents, and activate character-specific special abilities. The diverse skill tree options allow players to tailor their strategies according to individual playing styles. The gameplay introduces innovative features such as a head bump that propels the ball into the air, creating opportunities for strategic play.

Notably, the inclusion of unique tackle specials and spectacular goal shots, reminiscent of the kamehameha blast, contributes an exciting layer to gameplay. The introduction of Meta Powers adds depth, including abilities like grapple hooks, gravity manipulation, and deployable walls, unlocked through specific NFT characters. While some abilities, like the grapple hook for my Finisher character, weren't seen in action, the basic super ball power remained engaging.


Despite the mention of the game's winnable nature without the skill tree, a significant drawback surfaces in the form of lacking challenge during quick matches. The AI's limited strategic prowess might contribute to this issue, creating repetitive encounters that lack novelty. This, coupled with the absence of diverse playable maps, results in a sense of staleness after extended play periods. The enjoyable game loop eventually transforms into a repetitive pattern, without substantial gameplay variation between matches.

Introducing custom lobbies could breathe life into the experience, fostering player experimentation and competitive matches among friends. It's evident that the game holds promise and is poised to evolve with further development efforts. Despite the incorporation of NFT characters and their overlooked aspects, the core gameplay experience remains the focus. The inherent casual nature of the game is reflected in the limited lasting engagement, lasting around 30 minutes or even less. Ultimately, MetaStar Strikers offers a vibrant and enjoyable encounter that, while brief, delivers a satisfying gaming experience.

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MetaStar Strikers Review

While MetaStar Strikers can be won without relying on the skill tree, a notable issue arises from the lack of challenge in quick matches due to the AI's limited strategic abilities, resulting in repetitive and unexciting gameplay. This, combined with the absence of diverse maps, leads to monotony during extended play, diminishing the initial enjoyment of the game loop. The potential introduction of custom lobbies could revive engagement by encouraging player experimentation and competitive matches among friends. Despite overlooked NFT character features, the game's core casual gameplay remains its focus. The game's inherent brevity, lasting around 30 minutes, offers a vibrant and satisfying experience.



Impressive UI design

Addictive and enjoyable gameplay

Intriguing concepts incorporated into a sports game


Current gameplay lacks diversity, primarily due to the effective utilization of just one ability

Characters seem to pause after the ball gets taken from them slowing down momentum

Game loop loses its appeal after approximately 15-20 minutes of play

Matchmaking is excessively simple, whether involving real players or AI opponents

Requires an increase in difficulty

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