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King of Destiny immerses players in the vast InfiniGods universe, where elements of luck and tactical gameplay intertwine. Available on Android and iOS, this game challenges you to navigate the fates, construct thriving ancient cities, and participate in legendary battles. As you face off against players from around the world, you'll harness the power of gods and mythical heroes to assert your dominance and claim your crown in this mythical world.

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King of Destiny is a mobile strategy game developed by InfiniGods, designed to blend elements of luck and PvP combat within a mythologically inspired universe. Available on Android devices, this game invites players to test their fate against the whims of the Fates and engage in battles against both mythical monsters and other players. It offers a mix of city-building, strategic card play, and mythical storytelling. The game features a backdrop where ancient civilizations and mythologies like Greek, Norse, and Egyptian play pivotal roles. Players can interact with legendary figures such as Thor and Loki, and visit iconic locations such as Camelot and the Pyramids.

Gameplay and Features

In King of Destiny, players engage with the Fates through card-based gameplay, where each draw can either bring fortune or unleash havoc on adversaries. Winning coins from these card games allows players to build and upgrade their cities, advancing through the game’s stages. Players can also earn the favor of mythical gods, arming themselves with legendary heroes to defend their territories and strike against foes.

Attack and Defend

A core feature of the game is its focus on PvP combat, where players can attack friends and enemies alike. By mobilizing armies, summoning epic monsters, and conjuring natural disasters, players can destroy enemy cities to loot resources. The game’s mechanics encourage strategic planning and competitive play, as becoming the King of Destiny requires dethroning other players.

Build and Manage Cities

Players are tasked with building ancient cities, which must be defended from enemy attacks. These cities act as bases of operation where players can manage resources, plan their strategic growth, and prepare for incoming attacks. Building and upgrading cities is crucial for exploration and expansion into new territories within the game.

Explore and Compete

Exploration is a significant part of the game, with players traveling through different civilizations and engaging with various mythical legends. The game also features tournaments where players can compete against others globally, aiming to climb leaderboards and win real-world rewards along with in-game items.

Mini Games and Divine Intervention

King of Destiny includes several bonus mini-games, which provide daily rewards and special loot. Additionally, players can harness the powers of gods like Zeus and Hera to utilize special abilities that can influence the outcome of battles and tournaments, adding a layer of depth and unpredictability to the strategy.

NFTs and Blockchain

King of Destiny incorporates blockchain technology, offering a unique aspect to the gameplay through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These digital assets provide players with exclusive access to gameplay enhancements and character upgrades that can be used across various games within the InfiniGods Universe.

The game utilizes NFTs to enable unique actions and rewards within the game environment. These NFTs can represent powerful characters, special abilities, and even game-enhancing items, all of which can be traded and leveraged throughout the expansive InfiniGods game network.

One of the standout features of the game’s blockchain integration is the use of cross-game assets. Players can acquire NFTs that not only enhance their gameplay in King of Destiny but can also be used in other InfiniGods titles, providing a versatile gaming experience. These core InfiniGods NFTs are the Inifnipass and the Elder Gods collection.

How to Get Started

King of Destiny is now available for both Android and iOS devices. The game is part of the thriving InfiniGods ecosystem and is expected to have cross-compatibility with other InfiniGods games. The game also features collectible pack sales that offer gameplay perks.

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King Of Destiny

King of Destiny is a mobile game that merges luck and strategy within the expansive InfiniGods universe, where players build cities, engage with mythical creatures, and compete for supremacy.


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