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HV-MTL Forge is a thrilling game that fuses aspects of a pet simulation with the relaxed elements of a world-building game.

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hv-mtl forge key art.png
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HV-mtl forge screenshot 2.webp
HV-mtl forge screenshot 1.png
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Yuga Labs keeps dabbling into the world of web3 gaming, with the likes of Otherside, Dookey Dash, Legends of the Mara, and now with The Forge. An imaginative, social, and competitive crafting game, is exclusively tailored for HV-MTL NFT holders. Your mission in this exciting game is to design a productive forge and keep your HV in high spirits.

HV-MTL Forge is an exciting game that combines elements of a pet game and a casual world builder. In this game, your main objective is to care for your heavy metal pet and guide it through various stages of evolution. It offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience that involves nurturing your heavy metal, designing your Forge, and participating in community interactions.

Keep up with the latest trends and strive to earn the most votes for your HV and forge, as the Forge community celebrates the best creations. The higher your vote tally, the larger your reward. However, always be ready for a potential vibe shift, as community preferences can change swiftly. The emergence of the Rift introduces a new layer of excitement. HVs will soon navigate fresh challenges that test their skills in an entirely new gameplay mode.


As a player, your responsibility is to ensure the well-being of your heavy metal pet. Attend to its needs by feeding, sleeping, and petting it regularly. By providing proper care, you will unlock rewards, energy, and activations that contribute to the growth and progression of your heavy metal. Your Forge represents the world in which your heavy metal resides. It is essential to make it visually appealing to attract votes from other players. Utilize the daily energy you receive to strategically place tiles, decorations, and aesthetic elements within your Forge. Designing a visually captivating Forge increases your chances of receiving more votes and recognition within the game's community.

To expand your Forge and access additional features, consider purchasing gears for your heavy metal. Gears allow you to place more tiles and engage in a wider range of activities, accelerating your progress and improving your chances of success. As you progress through the game, your heavy metal evolves through different stages, unlocking new abilities and enhancing its overall capabilities.

Social Element

In HV-MTL Forge, voting and social interaction play a significant role. Each heavy metal possesses the power to cast one vote daily. Utilize your votes wisely by supporting your own heavy metals or visiting other players' Forges to vote for them. Engaging with the community and joining groups or guilds will provide valuable opportunities for strategy sharing, mutual support, and vote exchanges. Active participation in the community enhances your gaming experience and fosters connections with fellow players.

HV-MTL Forge encourages social interaction and community engagement. Share your Forge on Twitter to promote it and increase visibility. When your Forge-related post receives 20 likes, you earn a valuable bonus item, which can assist you in your gameplay. Additionally, connecting with other players and influencers within the game's community can provide valuable insights, foster new friendships, and enhance your overall gaming experience.


Owning certain NFTs, such as apes, mutants, or board a camel clubs, grants you exclusive aesthetic elements for your Forge. These unique features distinguish your Forge from others, showcasing your ownership of these rare and coveted NFTs. Utilize these exclusive aesthetics to create a visually stunning and distinctive Forge that captures the attention of other players.

How to Get Started

While full access to the Forge experience is an exclusive privilege for HV-MTL NFT holders, non-holders will get a taste of Forge through a limited version. However, they will not experience all game elements and their creations won't be usable in future activations.

For HV holders, the game gets even more intriguing:

  • Each HV class enjoys a unique game environment, complemented by a starter pack tailored to their class.
  • If you own multiple HVs, you'll reap daily bonuses by inviting your HVs to explore their other forges.
  • Holders of BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC NFTs will unlock exclusive in-game items, thrilling quests, and rich resources, some of which will become available in Forge, with more unlocking as the Rift opens.

Recent Developments

The latest season of The Forge concluded in November 2023, offering ApeCoin rewards for top players. Recently, there has been a significant development within the HV-MTL project, as FARAWAY has acquired the HV-MTL IP from Yuga Labs, the acquisition also includes the game "Legends of the Mara." With new leadership, FARAWAY is aiming to enhance the utility of new projects in their portfolio by introducing a "points" feature, details of which are explained in a recent post. Please note that The Forge is not currently playable as the season has ended and it is transitioning under new management.

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HV-MTL Forge

HV-MTL Forge is a dynamic game blending pet simulation with easygoing world construction.


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