Otherside Reveals Legends of the Mara: A 2D Strategy Game

Otherside and Yuga Labs introduce Legends of the Mara, a 2D experience that gives life to Kodas.

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Otherside has announced the upcoming launch of Legends of the Mara, a collection-based 2D strategy game that expands the story of Otherside. The game serves as a continuation of the events from 2nd Trip, providing players with an immersive experience while exploring the world of Kodas and their relationship with Otherside.

In Legends of the Mara, players will learn about the origins of Kodas and their role as primary keepers of Otherside. Kodas are highly skilled in farming, enchanting, and hunting, making them essential in the game's strategic elements. Players can also encounter new apprentices known as the Mara, who can grow from Vessels under the right conditions and with the appropriate catalyst.

The game allows Vessels to evolve into more powerful Kodamara, providing valuable support in defending Otherside. Although Mara and Kodamara possess impressive abilities, their powers remain limited compared to the ancient Koda.

To begin their journey, players can claim a free Vessel for each Otherdeed they hold. The process of decoupling Kodas from Otherdeeds will commence soon, followed by the main game launch in May. Legends of the Mara offers a unique opportunity for players to explore the rich world of Otherside while engaging in strategic gameplay and uncovering the story behind the mysterious Kodas.

What do you think of Legends of the Mara? We will definitely keep an eye out on any new information revealed by Otherside and Yuga Labs so make sure to stick around for the latest updates.

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