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Hunters On-Chain, the first web3 release from Boomland, is a must-try for all blockchain gaming enthusiasts. As a free-to-play, action role-playing game, it brings a fresh twist to the popular battle royale genre. With a cast of 40 unique Hunter characters, each with their abilities and weapons, players can expect a fantastic experience as they take on mythical creatures, enemies, and sometimes, each other.


What sets Hunters On-Chain apart from traditional battle royale games is its variety of game modes. Players can choose from Boss Hunt, Duel, Hunt, Co-Op, Bounty Hunt, and Dungeons, each offering a different type of gameplay. For example, in Boss Hunt, players team up to take on a variety of boss monsters, with the bosses becoming increasingly challenging as they level up. Meanwhile, in Duel, two players battle it out against each other, utilizing three hunters to compete in rounds and earn points.

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The game's graphics are visually appealing, with a block-style environment categorized into different biomes, such as forests, deserts, and winter landscapes. The music also adds a whimsical element, enhancing the game's immersive experience. Although not as complex as traditional RPG games, Hunters On-Chain offers character progression through artifacts that unlock special abilities in the game, shards that upgrade hunters, and equipment that will feel familiar to lovers of the genre.

The short play sessions of around three minutes in Hunt and Boss modes eliminate grinding for in-game currency, ensuring a fair playing field for all players. And with the game's in-game currency, $BGEM, players can also purchase chests that contain artifacts and equipment. The only drawback to the current iteration of the game is that the interface when looking through your character's abilities and how to use artifacts is a tad confusing and can take a little time to figure out.

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Although the gameplay is extremely smooth after a few plays, you do find yourself yearning for more mechanics. There is also a general lack of narrative that helps establish the universe in which the characters reside. However, these issues are minor as the game is still in the early stages, 

Overall, Hunters On-Chain is an impressive game that offers a sustainable ecosystem across multiple games, aiming to lower the barrier of entry into web3 gaming. It is undoubtedly worth checking out for anyone interested in battle royale or RPG games.

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Hunters On-Chain Review

While Hunters On-Chain becomes quite seamless after a few rounds, one might desire additional mechanics and a more developed narrative to better establish the game's universe. However, given that the game is still in its early stages, these issues are relatively minor. It is an impressive game that creates a sustainable ecosystem across multiple games, with the goal of reducing the barrier to entry for web3 gaming. It's certainly worth exploring for those who have an interest in battle royale or RPG games.



Easy to pick up and play with short play sessions

Fun character and environment design with block style. Suitable for all ages

Various modes that appeal to a variety of gamers


The interface for characters and artifacts is a bit confusing

Mechanics can feel repetitive

Lacking a narrative that creates the “why?”

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Hunters On-Chain

Hunters On-Chain is an action RPG where players compete against each other and the environment in different game modes to be the best hunter.




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