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Step into the world of Gangster Arena, a game on the Blast Blockchain where you play as a mob boss aiming to increase your gang's reputation and climb the leaderboard. Recruit Gangsters and Goons, engage in thrilling gang wars, and strategically expand your influence. With $GREED and xGREED as your resources, dominate the underworld and reap the rewards in ETH.

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Gangster Arena is an on-chain strategy game where players take on the role of a mob boss. The main objective is to increase your gang's reputation and climb the leaderboard to earn ETH rewards by the season's end. The game revolves around building and managing a gang, engaging in battles, and strategically expanding your influence. Players buy and upgrade Gangsters, Goons, and Safehouses to enhance their resources and reputation. The game features a competitive environment where reputation determines leaderboard rankings, and the game economy resets at the end of each season, distributing rewards based on player performance.

Gameplay and Features

Gangsters: Gangsters are the core members of your gang. They generate $GREED, the in-game currency, and participate in gang wars to earn additional rewards. Each Gangster can earn 800 $GREED per day, plus more from gang wars. Gangsters also contribute to your gang's reputation, with each Gangster worth 8 reputation points. The cost of Gangsters fluctuates based on purchases made in the last 12 hours, following a specific price formula. Upgrading Gangsters increases their daily earnings by 1% per level, and the upgrade cost follows a level-based formula.

Goons: Goons are the sidekicks to your Gangsters, helping to farm xGREED, an offchain currency. Each Goon earns 800 xGREED per day and contributes 2 reputation points. Like Gangsters, the cost of Goons fluctuates based on recent purchases. xGREED is essential for buying Goons and Safehouses and for leveling up Gangsters and Safehouses. It can be converted to $GREED at a 1:1 ratio with a five-day cooldown.

Safehouses: Safehouses are crucial for increasing your gang's reputation. Each Safehouse contributes 8 reputation points and their cost varies based on recent purchases. Safehouses also enhance the earning capacity of your Gangsters. The starting capacity is 20 Gangsters per Safehouse, increasing by 20 with each level. Upgrading Safehouses follows a level-based cost formula.

Gang Wars: Gang Wars are a significant part of Gangster Arena, where players deploy their Gangsters to earn, defend, or raid. In the earn mode, Gangsters generate $GREED, with bonus earnings from Goons. In the defend mode, players protect their $GREED from raids. Successful defenses result in killing a portion of the attacking Gangsters and gaining defense points. In the raid mode, players attack others to steal $GREED and gain reputation based on the defender's reputation. Gang Wars resolve automatically every 12 hours, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

Leaderboards and Reputation

Reputation is key to climbing the leaderboards in Gangster Arena. It determines player rankings and the rewards at the end of the season. Reputation is accumulated through various in-game activities, and higher rankings mean better rewards. The game's economy resets at the end of each season, and leaderboard prizes are distributed based on performance.

Blockchain Integration

Gangster Arena operates on the Blast Blockchain, offering players additional incentives for participating in the game. Players will receive 100% of Blast Points and Blast Gold allocations from Blast L2, as well as U Points to earn $U rewards from the Uncharted Foundation. These rewards are based on in-game reputation, so the more you grow your gang, the more you can earn.

$GREED is an ERC20 token used to buy Gangsters, Goons, and Safehouses. It can be earned through gameplay and traded for ETH. xGREED is an offchain currency used similarly but isn't directly tradable. Players can convert xGREED to $GREED at a 1:1 ratio, subject to a cooldown period. The game includes a daily spin mechanic, where players can risk $GREED to win more $GREED and Safehouses. Players earn spins every two hours, up to a maximum of ten. There is also a hold-to-earn feature, where holding $GREED earns xGREED daily. 

How to Get Started

Gangster Arena operates on a seasonal basis, so if the game is not live, you might have encountered an off-season period where the game is unavailable. However, when the season is active, players can access it via web browsers through this link. Upon entering the game, a handy tutorial will guide you through the basics of Gangster Arena’s economy management and strategic gameplay. Stay updated on the upcoming seasons of Gangster Arena by following their social media accounts. 

About Gangster Arena

Gangster Arena

Gangster Arena is an on-chain strategy idle game where players become mob bosses, building their gangs and competing for dominance to earn ETH rewards.