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FEVR Battle Arena


RealFevr constitutes a gaming ecosystem established by a Portugal-based team, introducing a fantasy league centered around their $FEVR token, complemented by their latest addition, the Battle Arena game. This competitive TCG is rooted in real-world football instances converted into collectible cards, acquirable via drops or the marketplace. RealFevr Battle Arena prioritizes individual moments with varying rarity levels, spanning from common to legendary, contingent on their significance in the football realm. These moments encompass four core stats: Stamina, Defense Damage, Attack Damage, and Goalkeeper Damage.


The game is presently accessible for download from their website, compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. To initiate gameplay, one must generate a login code, facilitated by creating an account on their website and generating a code within the Battle Arena category under the Games tab, approximately midway down the page.

Gameplay unfolds with diverse options, including a comprehensive video tutorial located in the bottom-right corner, elucidating fundamental game mechanics, stat relevance, and moment placement intricacies. Before venturing into battles on the field, players are required to assemble a 50-moment deck, achievable via the "Decks" option in the main menu. RealFevr offers a free-to-play avenue, granting players 50 one-star ranked moments, enabling participation in tutorials and free-for-all modes. By incorporating higher rarity moments, players can elevate their deck's star rating, culminating in a deck ready for their selected game mode.

Upon entering the field, three primary lanes emerge: Goalkeeper, Defense, and Offense. Each lane accommodates a maximum of four moments. Once placed, a moment awaits the subsequent turn to execute actions on the field.

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The game's objective revolves around scoring goals through the destruction of the goalkeeper lane and subsequently opening up the goal. Once achieved, players can drag an offensive lane moment onto the goal for scoring. The victor is determined by the highest score attained by the end of the match.

Nevertheless, exceptions arise based on defensive lineup moments and their abilities. These encompass eight distinct player abilities, spanning from "Inspire," which bolsters stats of fellow players in the same lane, to "Ball Stopper," enabling defensive lane moments to thwart opposing team's goal attempts.

Reviewing RealFevr's endeavor to deliver an engaging TCG experience for football enthusiasts via the Battle Arena mode, the current open alpha rendition offers a fundamental TCG experience navigable by those versed in this genre. Graphically, the main menu presents a visually impressive stadium, though in battle mode, the graphics seemingly diminish, even on the highest setting. Goal-scoring animations appear rudimentary, leaving room for improvement.

Regarding audio, the main menu music befits the football genre, evoking the ambiance of a traditional football game. However, diversifying the audio experience by introducing multiple soundtracks during deck creation could elevate the overall auditory encounter. On the field, audio lacks dynamism, concentrating on sound effects tied to player interaction and scoring.

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Evaluating gameplay, the current implementation resembles a basic TCG mechanic, where moments stack to induce damage and destruction. While PvP mode holds potential for strategic depth, the gameplay lacks excitement, diverging from expectations of a football-themed trading card game. A suggested enhancement involves incorporating a contested football players vie for; successfully getting the ball across the goal line could translate to scoring. This inventive twist could infuse dynamism into the otherwise conventional TCG mechanics observed in the alpha version.

While the notion of utilizing moments and player abilities is commendable, their execution, particularly within simplistic TCG mechanics, leaves room for improvement, notably in graphics. The anticipated football-themed twist is missing, impacting the game's uniqueness and appeal.

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FEVR Battle Arena Review

RealFevr's gameplay implementation, resembling basic TCG mechanics with stacking moments for damage, falls short of generating excitement and fails to meet expectations for a football-themed trading card game, despite the potential strategic depth in PvP mode. An innovative suggestion involves integrating contested football possessions that, if successfully advanced across the goal line, could invigorate the conventional TCG dynamics seen in the alpha version. Although the concept of employing moments and player abilities is laudable, their execution within rudimentary TCG mechanics warrants refinement, particularly in graphics. The absence of the anticipated football-themed twist hampers RealFevr's distinctiveness and overall appeal.



Accessible to players unfamiliar with this gaming genre.

Features real-life footage of football moments.


Basic TCG mechanics lead to a lack of excitement.

Mediocre graphics quality.

Absence of audio during gameplay on the field.

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About FEVR Battle Arena

FEVR Battle Arena

FEVR Battle Arena is a turn-based strategy game based on football, in which players construct decks made up of RealFevr digital collectibles.


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