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FEVR Battle Arena



FEVR Battle Arena is the first Web3 Football Moments game in the world, where you can use your moments as in-game assets, create decks and battle against other players.

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FEVR Battle Arena is a football turn-based strategy game where players build decks composed of RealFevr digital collectibles (which are sports video moments such as goals and saves from the world's top football players) that become in-game assets, to battle against each other. The main objective, like in a real football game, is to score more goals than the opposition when the time expires.

The Moments

The RealFevr NFT Moments become items (game-assets) in FEVR Battle Arena that you, as a coach, will put on the pitch to compete with your opponents. These moments are bought in Packs or in RealFevr’s P2P marketplace.

There are 6 different rarities:

  • Unique: 1 of 1 NFTs. These are the strongest moments in FEVR Battle Arena and the rarest on RealFevr’s platform.
  • Legendries: 50 copies of each. These are the second strongest rarity in FBA, and pulling a Legendary from a pack is always exciting! You will see them frequently in 5-star decks.
  • Epic: 500 copies of each. Strong in the arena, these NFTs make up the majority of decks ranging from 3 to 5 stars. 
  • Special: 2500 copies of each. They are part of every deck ranging from 1 to 4 stars.
  • Common: 5000 copies of each. Grey: Unlimited. The free-to-play moments in FEVR Battle Arena. 
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They are not NFTs (which means they cannot be bought or sold in the marketplace), and only exist within the game. You can use any tier in any kind of decks, for example legendries in 2 star decks or greys in 4 stars decks, it depends on your strategy. FEVR Battle Arena is a free to play game. You don’t need to purchase any moments/packs to play the game, and you can even be rewarded playing for free, just for completing the daily games and missions.

The Game

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You'll notice the pitch is divided in different lanes, 2 for each player; Defensive Lanes and Offensive Lanes.

The light green lanes are yours, and that's where you can place your moments, while the dark green ones belong to your opponent.In FEVR Battle Arena, you have a limited number of actions you can perform per turn, similar to “Mana” in traditional TCG games. Every turn your action points will increase. Every action you take(place a moment on the pitch, draw a new moment and attack) costs you 1 action. However, moving moments between the defensive and forward lane does not cost you any action point.

Your objective is to "defeat" the opponent's goalkeeper and score goals. You have 8 turns to do this, divided into two halves of 4 turns each. If the game ends in a draw, you will play extra time, with 4 additional turns. If the game remains a draw after the extra time, the player with fewer moments in their graveyard wins.

The Tickets

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The main game mode in its Open Beta stage is a Ticket-To-Play arena system, where players purchase a ticket using $FEVR which will grant them access to a specific Arena where they'll play against another player (1V1). These must purchased on the FEVR Battle Arena Ticket Shop, either by going to the ticket shop directly on the website, or if you are in the game, go to the Store, which will redirect you to the ticket shop.

  • Lisbon Arena: To enter the Lisbon Arena, you will need to purchase tickets worth 10k $FEVR. The winner of each match automatically receives 19k $FEVR (as well as XP points) for each victory.
  • Miami Arena: This one works in the same way as the Lisbon Arena, but with BNB rewards (the native token of the BNB Chain). You will have to purchase the corresponding Miami tickets (worth 0.03 $BNB). The winner of each match automatically receives 0.054 $BNB (as well as XP points) for each victory.

How to Get Started

RealFevr has transitioned its FEVR Battle Arena into Organya World, a rebranding effort that retains core elements of the original strategy game with football. IP This change aims to introduce a new phase for the platform, incorporating feedback from its community to enhance the gaming experience. 

About FEVR Battle Arena

FEVR Battle Arena

FEVR Battle Arena is a turn-based strategy game based on football, in which players construct decks made up of RealFevr digital collectibles.


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