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Aglet brings the worlds of fitness and sneaker culture together in an innovative mobile game. Players explore their cities, earn Aglet currency through physical steps, and collect virtual sneakers, including unique NFTs.

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Aglet is a location-based, virtual shopping game that transforms your physical steps into in-game currency, known as Aglet Coins. With these coins, you can purchase and collect virtual sneakers from some of the world's top brands, including New Balance, ASICS, and Adidas. Aglet also doubles a move-to-earn platform that motivates you to live an active lifestyle while building an impressive collection of digital and, occasionally, physical sneakers

Gameplay and Features

The Agletverse is a digital playground for sneakerheads. Here, you can customize your avatar, showcase your sneaker collection, and interact with a global community. The game encourages exploration and activity, rewarding players for their physical movements with virtual goods that reflect their passion for sneakers and fashion.

Community and Events

Aglet's community is vibrant and active, with over a million subscribers to its gaming newsletter. The game hosts regular events, such as the exclusive 'Steptember' event with Adidas Originals, where players compete globally for top prizes. These community-driven activities not only enhance the gaming experience but also foster a sense of camaraderie among players.

Aglet NFTs on Immutable X

Aglet's partnership with Immutable brings the game onto the blockchain, offering instant, gas-free NFT trading and enhancing digital ownership. This collaboration aims to create a move-to-earn digital sneaker economy, where players can trade and showcase their collections with security and transparency.

Avatar Customizer

The Aglet Avatar Customizer allows you to personalize your gaming experience further. With recent updates, customizing your avatar has become more accessible and enjoyable. From apparel to sneakers, you can style your avatar to reflect your unique taste and personality.

A Simple Take on Move to Earn 

Aglet has a simple take on a move-to-earn game that rewards players for walking, jogging, or running by allowing them to collect virtual sneakers and in-game currency, Aglet coins. The game features a map dotted with various spots such as Treasure Stashes for earning Aglets and Repair Stations for maintaining sneakers.

Players must strategically navigate these locations, considering the cooldown times for optimal visits. Sneaker selection is crucial, as each pair comes with specific attributes that affect earning rates, influenced by weather conditions and the sneaker's durability. By engaging in physical activity and making smart in-game decisions, players can enhance their collections while leading an active lifestyle.

How to Get Started 

Aglet is available for both iOS and Android devices. NFT sneakers, also called digital collectibles, can be bought directly from the in-game marketplace. They have a specific "NFT" tag to differentiate them from non-NFT sneakers. With Aglet's partnership with Immutable, it is soon expected that these NFTs will be tradable on other marketplaces aside from the in-game one. 

About Aglet


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Aglet is a move-to-earn game for mobile, where players collect virtual sneakers and earn in-game currency by walking. It combines physical activity with digital sneaker collecting.


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