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DeRace is the first decentralized blockchain-based racehorse web3 game, where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, build your own NFT hippodrome and get rewarded via its play-and-earn mechanism while doing all of that.

The game acts as a platform that simulates real-life horse racing and gives players the ultimate horse racing experience. It contains not only the race itself but also other parts of the industry, giving players the opportunity to be hippodrome owners or bookkeepers.


Your horses are your bread and butter within the DeRace world. The development studio does a tremendous job right out of the gate, pun intended, with how diverse and unique each horse is. Each NFT has a collection of different stats, both visible and hidden traits, that affect various aspects of their performance.

The visible traits are sex, color, shape, breed, breeding and racing cool-down, while the hidden traits are mainly speed and stamina. However, them being hidden doesn’t mean they are any less important. In fact, speed and stamina are arguably the most influential in determining whether your horse can win a race or not.

Once you have your horses ready to go, you can search for various races hosted by hippodrome NFT owners and participate in the ones you find suitable for you considering the set fee, terrain, among other parameters. The winning horse collects a percentage of all participant fees and additional prizes. 

Hippodrome NFTs are incredibly interesting within the DeRace universe, considering they allow players to run races, host tournaments, and essentially give horse owners a place to constantly keep them competing.

The team managed to adopt fractionalized ownership, allowing hippodromes to be split into contains 10,000 individual NFT tokens, therefore, a player can own a part of the whole hippodrome. Owning more than 50% of the tokens, guarantees you a right to administrate hippodrome races. 

The game recently underwent a major revamp as well to its in-game economy as well as adding various gameplay elements that add tons of value to the overall experience.

This includes horse NFT wearables, including saddles, horse shoes, among others, and jockeys. The latter will play a much larger role within DeRace and will directly affect your chances of winning as well so it is not solely dependent on the horse’s tier and stats.


DeRace manages to get its players involved in almost every role within the horse racing industry, allowing them to become everything from stable owners to bookkeepers and hippodrome owners. With a lot of attention of detail and several variables taken into consideration when it comes to you winning a race, DeRace doesn't simply offer you an experience where you can take a high level horse and throw him anywhere to win big. You have to carefully consider your horse's level and stats, the hippodrome conditions, and choose which one of your horses is best suited to come out in first place.

Having said that, the game still has a  long way to go in terms of engagement and keeping you hooked for several hours or even coming back for more. For now, DeRace makes for a fun game you can hop on every now and then but not something that would see yourself addicted to or putting in several hours to progress further.

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