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ZK Hunt is a RTS-like on-chain PvP game, which explores different ZK game mechanics and information asymmetry.

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ZK Hunt is an innovative onchain  RTS game prototype built on the MUD framework, introducing players to a world where zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs meet gaming. This game is not just about strategy; it's about mastering the art of information asymmetry and stealth within a blockchain environment.


ZK Hunt is a game that challenges players to navigate a digital landscape stealthily. The gameplay revolves around spawning units, selecting them, and plotting strategic paths to outmaneuver opponents. With a focus on ZK game mechanics, players must use their wits to maintain secrecy and gain the upper hand.

The gameplay begins with a simple 'Spawn' button, a gateway to unleashing new units onto the virtual battlefield. Selecting and maneuvering these units is intuitive—click to select, hold 'E' to chart their course, and click again to set them on their path. The game environment is interactive, with tools like the spear, activated by pressing 'W', and a search function, initiated with 'Q', adding layers of depth to the player's tactical toolkit.

zkRollups meet Gaming

ZK Hunt's advanced features are where the game truly distinguishes itself. At the heart of its innovation are the zero-knowledge proofs, a cryptographic technique that allows players to execute moves in complete privacy. This feature is not just a technical marvel; it's a game-changer in the realm of onchain gaming, where every action can be verified without revealing any underlying data. This ensures that strategies remain hidden, fostering a gameplay experience where surprise and cunning are as potent as the forces a player commands.

The game's strategic movement system is another standout feature, offering a unique pathing system that invites complex strategies. Players must think several steps ahead, anticipating both their opponent's moves and the game's evolving state. This system is complemented by an interactive gameplay experience, where keyboard shortcuts become command tools, allowing for quick, responsive play.

How to Get Started

ZK Hunt is ont its very early stages of development, to get in touch with the latest news, updates, and launch of ZK Hunt, follow ZK Hunt’s Developer FlynnCalcutt on X. 

ZK Hunt

ZK Hunt is a RTS-like on-chain PvP game.






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