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Zeeverse is a creature tamer MMO RPG that immerses players in a captivating indigenous fantasy world. Upon logging in, players must make a crucial decision by choosing their initial creature from three elemental options: fire, water, and nature. This choice sets the stage for the thrilling adventures that await on the island.


The island itself is brimming with intriguing locations and points of interest, creating a rich backdrop for exploration. Interactions with other players add a dynamic social element to the gameplay. However, before delving deeper into the island's mysteries, players must first locate and enter the portal, which serves as the gateway to challenging dungeons.

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Inside the dungeons, players are greeted by visually appealing pixel art environments and formidable creatures to conquer. Elemental matchups play a significant role, offering bonuses based on the creatures' elements and the enemies faced. During battles, players have two move options: a standard attack and a unique special attack tied to their chosen creature. Thoughtful decision-making is required, considering the cooldowns of special moves.

Initially, the dungeons are relatively straightforward, providing an introduction to the game mechanics. However, as players progress, the challenges become more demanding, with no opportunities for healing between encounters. While there is an autoplay feature, it often makes suboptimal choices, leading to undeserved defeats. Manual gameplay proves to be the preferred option, showcasing the true essence of the game.

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Successfully completing dungeons rewards players with experience points (XP) and Vee coins, both essential for future progression. Some dungeons also offer valuable loot, such as the discovery of eggs that can be hatched into new creatures, expanding the player's roster of allies.

Beyond the dungeons, the island features various attractions, including partnerships with other games and the random disco llama, providing lively music and dance experiences. Players can also emote and engage in chat-based conversations with other characters. Customization options are available through loot pods, although they currently have no direct impact on gameplay. Tokens and experience are used to level up creatures, enhancing their attack, defense, and health.

The game limits the number of dungeons that can be cleared each day based on the player's energy reserves, represented by a jar of purple liquid with an eyeball. Daily quests help guide players' focus and optimize their time within the game. While the variety of monsters encountered in dungeons is commendable, gameplay can become somewhat repetitive over time. Nevertheless, the game maintains a decent level of challenge, resulting in occasional failures during dungeon conquests.


For those seeking competitive thrills, Zeeverse offers an arena where players can challenge each other and even place wagers using Vee tokens, adding an extra layer of excitement and risk to battles. The game is easily accessible on Android, iOS, and web browsers, catering to players across different platforms. Additionally, Zeeverse is free to play.

Overall, the game provides an enjoyable experience, with room for improvement as expected in a game under development. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Zeeverse.

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Zeeverse Review

Zeeverse offers an enjoyable gaming experience, although it still has areas that can be improved as it continues to be developed. With its immersive indigenous fantasy world and captivating gameplay, the potential for Zeeverse's future is promising. Players can look forward to seeing how the game evolves and what new features and enhancements will be introduced.



Ease of access

Interesting PvP wager mechanism

Engaging story mode


Limited strategic choices

Maps are only scenery

Auto battle less than optimal

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Zeeverse offers a no-cost, extensive MMORPG where participants transform into creature tamers within a universe influenced by native mythology.