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Xpell, set in the year 2075, thrusts players into a world ravaged by mysterious black holes that disrupt the Earth’s natural order. In this MMORTS game developed on the Telos blockchain, players manage their own village, compete against others, and utilize strategic skills to survive and prosper.

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Xpell is a free-to-play and play-to-earn MMORTS game that integrates NFTs and operates on the Telos blockchain. Xpell offers a unique strategic gaming experience where players manage and enhance their own village while engaging in competition with others to emerge as the winner by conquering the Capital and forming powerful alliances. Each game round is distinctly designed with a start and end, ensuring controlled economic dynamics and a fresh experience every session.

Game Lore

Set in 2075, Xpell presents a scenario where Earth faces unexplained space-time anomalies caused by ultra-small blackholes. Efforts to deflect these failed when one blackhole came too close, causing disruptions such as communication breakdowns and power outages, leading to the disappearance of many people, including the player. In the game's universe, "Xpell world," players must navigate these anomalies and find portals to survive and escape the chaos caused by the blackholes.

Gameplay and Features

Xpell's gameplay centers on strategic city management where players must build, upgrade, and expand their territory using various in-game resources. The strategic element extends to competing against other players, forming alliances, and engaging in both offensive and defensive maneuvers across a detailed world map. Players can choose from 17 different building types each offering unique advantages, thereby encouraging diverse strategic approaches.

Combat and Military Units

The game features six types of military units that players can train, upgrade, and specialize according to their strategic needs. Future updates promise to introduce more races and units, enhancing the strategic options available to players.

As an MMORTS, Xpell supports competitive play among over 800 participants per game round. Players can attack any player worldwide, align with others for mutual benefit, and strategically navigate through the challenges to win each round.

Economic System and Rewards

In line with the play-to-earn model, Xpell rewards players with XPL tokens for building and upgrading structures within the game. These tokens hold value both in-game and in the real world. Furthermore, players can earn real cryptocurrency rewards, specifically in $TLOS, which can be won at the end of each round or through trading surplus resources and items in the in-game market.

How to Get Started 

Xpell's early game version is now playable on Android and iOS devices. Xpell hosts several prize tournaments, allowing interested players to join in the strategic fun and earn rewards. You can follow more of Xpell's updates, news, and development through their social media accounts.

About Xpell


Xpell is a free-to-play MMORTS game set in a post-apocalyptic 2075, where players must navigate space-time anomalies to survive and escape the chaotic world.