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Wolf Game offers a novel play-to-earn model that fuses NFT collectibility with DeFi strategies. Its core feature is a risk protocol that operates on-chain, encouraging players to gamble on high stakes for the possibility of substantial rewards, distinguishing the game as a pioneer in its field.

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Wolf Game is a distinctive play-to-earn experience on the Ethereum blockchain, integrating NFT and DeFi principles with a unique twist: it rewards players for risk-taking. The game's on-chain risk protocol is designed to incentivize higher stakes, where daring players have the opportunity to reap greater rewards, setting it apart in the blockchain gaming space.

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In the strategic world of Alpha Game, players vie for supremacy and rewards, leading Packs of Wolves and Sheep in a quest to accumulate the coveted WOOL currency. Each Alpha, the leader of a Pack, must skillfully Attack rival Packs and Fortify their own to gain WOOL and Points, with the ultimate goal of emerging as the dominant Pack. The game is a high-stakes competition with a massive prize pool of 500,000,000 WOOL, distributed among the Packs based on their final standings.

The game mechanics are straightforward yet deep. Alpha Wolves lead their Packs, which are composed of staked Wolves and Sheep, each contributing daily Points that determine the Pack's strength and speed in earning Actions. These Actions are pivotal, allowing Alphas to either Attack, reducing other Packs' Points, or Fortify, protecting their own Pack from such assaults. The game's structure encourages active participation and strategic staking, with the Alphas unable to unstake until the game's conclusion, ensuring commitment throughout the competition.

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The prize distribution is tiered, with the top Pack earning 20% of the WOOL pool and subsequent Packs receiving progressively smaller percentages. If fewer than 14 Alpha Wolves compete, the unclaimed WOOL is burned, increasing the stakes for active participants. Alphas are rewarded with 5% of their Pack's winnings, while the rest is distributed among the Pack members based on their contributions, both in Points and staked WOOL. However, players must be cautious, as switching Packs or unstaking resets their Points to zero and forfeits potential winnings from their former Pack.

Staking dynamics are crucial, with different types of Wolves and Sheep contributing varying amounts of Points. The game's endgame is tied to the full development period of Wolf Game, with The Shepherd providing advance notice of special events and the game's conclusion, allowing Packs to strategize their final moves. This game is a blend of strategy, commitment, and community, where every action can tip the scales in the pursuit of victory and wealth.

How to Get Started

Wolf Game has prepared a simple and engaging tutorial for players to dive into and from there, you can continue your journey building out your farm.

About Wolf Game

Wolf Game

Wolf Game stands out in the blockchain gaming arena as a play-to-earn platform on Ethereum, merging the worlds of NFTs and decentralized finance. It's crafted to reward audacious players who embrace risk, offering a chance at higher returns through its innovative on-chain risk protocol.