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Wildcard is a first-of-its-kind hybrid of real-time strategy, arena-based MOBAs, and collectible card games, all powered by the blockchain. Witness the pulse-pounding mix of action and strategy.

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Champions from across the cosmos gather collectible cards to create decks, summoning distinct creatures and utilizing their powers in intense battles at various arenas throughout the universe. To claim the Wildcard Glory, they must outmaneuver, outsmart, and outperform their rivals by destroying their objective.


Wildcard takes place on the dynamic Frostburn Asteroid map. Players engage in intense battles, employing strategic card choices and real-time champion skills to outmaneuver their opponents. The Frostburn Asteroid, with its state-of-the-art Wildcard arena, sets the stage for these high-stakes clashes, while the nearby Frostburn Village provides a lively backdrop for fans and competitors to unwind and enjoy various amenities. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Wildcard, where strategy, skill, and action collide on the captivating Frostburn Asteroid map.

Summons support their Champions on the battlefield, each possessing a unique ability that has been cultivated through dedication and practice. While each Summon's individual skill set distinguishes them from others, they understand that their collective strength is what truly makes them formidable.


In Wildcard, numerous worlds send their finest champions to compete in the arena. Every hero, accompanied by their sidekick and summoned creatures, contributes a distinct set of abilities to the battlefield. At the moment, only two champions have been revealed; Bolgar and Locke. We take a deep dive into the lore and history of each character. 



Bolgar, originally known as Neralis, was once the prince and heir to the throne of the Saering royal family. As a young boy, he was betrayed by his jealous younger brother and cast into a deep crevasse while playing in the woods. Within the crevasse, Bolgar encountered a bear cub, and they engaged in a fierce battle. Both sustained injuries, and their blood mingled, creating a magical connection that caused them to fuse into a single being - they became "werebeared." 

Bolgar was drawn to the sport of Wildcard. His ability to recognize the unique talents of other creatures and incorporate them into his gameplay made him a formidable strategist. Bolgar's deep understanding of his teammates allowed him to become a better leader, as he embraced his role as one of the champions in the Wildcard arena.



Locke is the rising star of the Chronian Wildcard team. As a former lead techno-engineer, he was responsible for creating many of the robots and upgrades used by the Chronos Royals in battle. Despite his background, Locke always dreamed of playing Wildcard himself and even developed his own unique ability, Chronowarp, in case the opportunity ever arose.

Locke's chance finally came when King Valla announced "open tryouts" – allowing any citizen of Chronos to compete against Prince Boone for a spot on the Wildcard team. The tryouts were a mere facade, as King Valla intended to appear egalitarian, assuming no other Chronians could possibly defeat his son. However, he was in for a shock when a masked man in a flowing techno-cloak appeared, wielding the never-before-seen Chronowarp power, and consistently defeated Boone.

Frustrated, King Valla demanded the mysterious contender to reveal his identity. As Locke removed his helmet, the crowd recognized him as the lowly engineer and celebrated him as the new champion of the people. By Valla's own rules, Locke was promoted to the Chronos Wildcard team, displacing Boone from the major league. This turn of events left the entire royal family humiliated and Boone enraged.


Wildcard's Wildfile feature offers a dynamic digital profile for players, enabling them to document and showcase their gaming achievements and status. This tool allows players to connect globally, participate in collectible challenges, and earn unique rewards and badges. Additionally, the Wildfile facilitates competition by tracking players' involvement in game events through an extensive leaderboard system. Players can also customize their avatars, personalizing their presence in the Wildcard universe to reflect their unique identity and preferences.

NFTs and Blockchain

Recently, Wildcard launched its first NFT collection called the Wildpass, which quickly sold out on Magic Eden. The Genesis Wildpass offers several long-term benefits to its holders. These include lifetime access to future NFT mints by Wildcard and first options on new features such as early access to playtest builds and exclusive community events. Holders also enjoy privileged access to private channels, partnership programs, and potential ownership opportunities within the Wildcard universe, alongside exclusive airdrops, enhancing their engagement with the game's evolving ecosystem.

How to Get Started

Wildcard has already hosted playtest events for its community and Wildpass holders. If you don’t own a Wildpass NFT, you can still apply to become a playtester by filling out a form available on their website. Additionally, you can follow their social media to find events where playtest spots are available.

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