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Wild Forest is a real-time strategy (RTS) mobile game powered by the Ronin network. In this game, you engage in 1v1 battles to gain control of a map, construct structures, train troops, and ultimately defeat your opponents. It also incorporates persistent troop unlocks and squad selection.

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The game is conveniently accessible on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is available for free.

Before entering battle, you must choose your squad, with three tiers of slots available. Initially, you only have troops for the first two tiers, but your selection pool expands over time. Each troop has attributes such as health, damage, speed, and attack rate, falling into standard archetypes like infantry, tanks, and damage dealers. Units also have a maximum deployment number, a crucial tactical decision in squad selection.

Once your squad is assembled, you head into battle, and the player base appears strong, ensuring quick matchmaking.

The game features a variety of maps, each with distinct themes and layouts but sharing key elements. Your home base is your main castle to defend, while multiple territories with build slots must be captured to secure victory. Early control of key points often leads to a significant advantage.

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Different maps keep the gameplay fresh, and territories offer three build options: Barracks for troop training, Mines for crystal production (used to buy troops and structures), and Towers for automatic defense. Building a line of towers to provide cover while assembling your army is a successful strategy.

Capturing more territories unlocks additional build slots, contributing to a snowball effect. Day and night cycles alter your field of vision, adding an element of surprise and strategy.


After battles, you earn points and resources, complete quests for chests and cards, and upgrade troops using cards and gold. In the early stages, troop levels can dominate gameplay when everyone uses the same units. Advancing along the experience line unlocks more fighter slots and types, deepening strategic options. The game impresses with its graphics, animations, clear map presentation, engaging troop battles, and intuitive controls.

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Wild Forest Review

After battles, you earn points, resources, complete quests, and upgrade troops with cards and gold. Troop levels can significantly impact early-game battles. As you advance, more fighter slots and types become available, enhancing strategy. The game features impressive graphics, animations, clear maps, engaging battles, and intuitive controls.



Diverse range of maps ensures each battle remains engaging.

Extensive troop options enable strategic planning.

Quick matchmaking for shorter wait times.


Gameplay often leads to one-sided victories, making comebacks difficult.

Early troop battles tend to favor those with higher-level units.

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