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Walken is a walk-to-earn game that rewards players for staying active. By syncing with health-tracking devices, players earn in-game currency for walking, which they can use to boost their CAThletes' abilities, participate in competitions, and interact with a dynamic, player-driven marketplace.

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Walken is a walk-to-earn blockchain game that cleverly integrates physical activity into a digital gaming experience. Built on the Solana network, this game turns your daily steps into valuable in-game currency, adding a unique dimension to the gaming world by promoting health and fitness.

In the world of Walken, the primary characters are CAThletes, unique digital creatures with distinct genetic profiles that influence their performance in athletic competitions. These CAThletes compete in various events, and success in these competitions enhances their value and capabilities. 


Walken cleverly turns everyday physical activity into valuable in-game currency, known as $WLKN. Players track their steps through health apps or devices, and these steps are converted into currency that can be utilized to enhance CAThletes, the game's digital athletes. 

Competitions: Players can test their CAThletes' abilities in a variety of competitive settings:

  • PvP Duels: Engage in head-to-head battles against other players' CAThletes.
  • Tournaments: Participate in structured competitions that may require entry fees in the form of in-game currency but offer substantial rewards.
  • CAThletic Games: A series of events where CAThletes compete based on their trained attributes and strategic gear choices, blending elements of strategy with physical fitness tracking.

To prepare CAThletes for the rigors of competition, players invest in specialized training regimens. Each CAThlete has stats such as speed, strength, and stamina, which can be improved through training sessions. These enhancements are crucial for succeeding in higher-level challenges and tournaments. Players can breed two CAThletes to create a new CAThlete inheriting traits from its parents. This feature allows players to strategize breeding pairs based on genetic advantages, aiming to produce offspring with optimal stats for competitive advantages.

Players can merge multiple CAThletes into one, potentially creating a super CAThlete with combined abilities and enhanced traits. This high-stakes option allows for the creation of uniquely powerful CAThletes tailored to specific competition needs.

Tournaments and Rankings

League Play: CAThletes compete in various leagues that categorize competition by difficulty and potential rewards. As players' CAThletes win matches, they gain points that can promote them to higher leagues with tougher competitors and better rewards.

Global Tournaments: For truly competitive players, global tournaments pose the ultimate test of strategy and CAThlete preparation. These tournaments feature the highest stakes and rewards, drawing in the best players from around the world.

Clan System

Players can create or join clans, which are groups of players united under a single banner. Clans allow for collective strategizing and can participate in exclusive events. On the other hand, Clan Wars are competitive events where clans go head-to-head in a series of matches. 

NFTs and Blockchain

Walken's gameplay includes both NFT and non-NFT CAThletes. While NFT CAThletes can be bought, sold, or traded on the marketplace, offering players real ownership and potential earnings, non-NFT CAThletes can also be converted into NFTs, allowing players to choose when to monetize or solidify their digital assets. This system enables flexibility in how players engage with the game's economy.

The $WLKN token is the core token of Walken's economy, powering purchases, competition entries, and CAThlete upgrades. Beyond transactional uses, $WLKN can be staked by players to earn passive rewards.

How to Get Started

Walken is now available to be played on both Android and iOS devices. After you install the game, a helpful guide will walk you through the basics, preparing you and your CAThlete for a fun, walk-to-earn experience. Once you've mastered the initial steps, you'll be able to engage in daily quests, join clans, and participate in Walken tournaments.

About Walken


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Walken is a walk-to-earn mobile game that combines fitness tracking with blockchain gaming, turning your daily steps into rewards within a virtual world where you train and compete with digital athletes called CAThletes.


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