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WAGMI Defense is developed by WAGMI Games Co, a new transmedia entertainment studio led by Ian Bentley and Scott Herman. While they are relatively new in the industry, their team boasts a wealth of talent, including developers and designers from popular games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty.

WAGMI is a mobile-based tower defense game that features three races: Humans, Aliens, and Nephilims. The first two races are the default choices for players when they start the game and are also available on the secondary market. The game operates on the Immutable chain and is currently in closed beta access, with invites being sent out by the team.

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The game's lore is set in the futuristic year 3022, where Humans have evolved into a race filled with cyborgs. Space travel has opened up a wormhole, allowing aliens to enter the galaxy. This discovery eventually leads to the uncovering of a rare earth metal called 'NiFe' from the planet's core.


Upon entering the game, players can choose either the Human or Alien race. After making their selection, they receive a basic pack of cards for gameplay. Following this, players are introduced to the game through a tutorial that explains how to use cards by dragging them onto the desired location on the map and how to manage the energy bar.

The game's objective is to destroy the opponent's bases before they can destroy yours. Each player has three towers, two at the front and one at the back, which is the main tower. If the main tower is destroyed, the game is lost. Currently, players can access six different maps with varying aesthetics and tower placements. Players can assemble their teams before matches and choose cards based on their strategies. These cards can be upgraded using in-game resources known as NiFe, enhancing their stats like health points and damage. Cards can also be upgraded in rarity by fusing five identical cards to reach the next rarity level.

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When players win a match, they are rewarded with a box containing cards, NiFe, or both. Additionally, there is a daily login reward, providing players with further incentives to play the game daily.

In the future, the team plans to update the user interface and user experience, allowing players to combine DNA from Human and Alien characters to create Nephilim characters. These characters will not be sold by the team and can only be created by players.


WAGMI Games adds a competitive edge to the tower defense genre by making it purely player-versus-player (PvP) so far. The introductory experience for new players is engaging and facilitates easy learning, while also allowing them to expand their character roster as they progress. Co-founder Scott has hinted at a single-player campaign mode, which will enhance the experience for less competitive players.

Regarding the game's graphics, they are currently well-made. However, there is room for improvement in terms of character animations upon deployment and character disappearance upon death. Some aspects feel clunky and could be refined to enhance gameplay.

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In terms of sound design, the game excels with distinctive sound effects for various attacks. One improvement could involve introducing unique soundtracks for each map and intensifying the music based on the game's state, making it more immersive.

Analyzing gameplay, while the introduction is well-executed, players may lose motivation after completing several matches because they can only hold four boxes at a time. Leveling up is great, but it reaches diminishing returns as opponents become more challenging, and upgrading characters requires NiFe, which comes from boxes or can be purchased from the store. Implementing incentives to keep players engaged while boxes are opening would improve player retention.

Upon closer inspection of gameplay, enhancements to map aesthetics and the aforementioned improvements would increase player engagement.

The current build lays a solid foundation for the game's future in its closed beta state. The team's plans for UI and UX updates in the coming weeks hold promise and could significantly improve this rating. One standout feature is the tutorial, which effectively guides players through the game. If the team continues to incorporate feedback and build upon this foundation, WAGMI has the potential to become a regularly played game in the mobile market.

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WAGMI Games Review

WAGMI Games adds a competitive edge with its player-versus-player (PvP) focus in the tower defense genre, offering an engaging introductory experience for newcomers. While the graphics are well-done, character animations and disappearances need improvement. Sound design is strong, but unique soundtracks for maps and dynamic music could enhance immersion. Addressing player retention issues, such as limited box capacity and leveling challenges, is essential.



Great tutorial

User-friendly and easy to understand

High replayability factor


UI can feel clunky

Gameplay loop can become mundane currently

Lack of balance between new and experienced players

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