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WAGMI Games is a mobile crypto-gaming franchise combining rare high-fidelity graphic games, sustainable in-game economies and vibrant communities to create the first of its kind crypto-gaming experience.

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WAGMI Defense, the debut title from the WAGMI Games franchise, is a Tower Defense mobile game that will hit both iOS and Android app stores. While it shares similarities with Supercell's Clash Royale title, WAGMI Defense offers a futuristic twist and integrated Web3 elements that deliver an entirely new gaming experience. Players are expected to quickly adopt it as the new gaming standard.

The game's story takes place in the year 3022. The human race has progressed to a hybrid of cyborgs and humans. With the advent of space travel, a wormhole has been uncovered, allowing Alien species to invade the galaxy and uncover a crucial element, "NiFe," from deep within the earth's core. The Aliens' survival hinges on the element, and they will go to any lengths to deplete the earth of it. As the Aliens threaten to drain the planet of NiFe, the battle for humanity and the earth will rage on both terrestrial and space fronts. The newly formed galactic forces of the humans have taken up the battle cry "WAGMI" to defend their world and all of humanity.

Game Modes

In WAGMI Games, players must pick a side (Alien or Human), construct their deck, and devise a winning strategy to safeguard their towers while attempting to dismantle their opponent's towers, all within a 3-minute time frame. To ensure equitable gameplay, players will be matched based on their skill level as they participate in head-to-head battles. Once players reach a specific account level (TBD), they can participate in skill-based battles that require entry fees, with the winner taking all.

The game offers several key features, such as strategically purchasing cards, forming decks, and taking over opponents' defenses. Winning battles helps players collect NiFe and additional Upgrade Cards that level up their cards. Experience Points can be earned to upgrade cards and advance account levels. Players can also participate in 60-day battle seasons, earn medals, and increase their season Rank, as well as unlock war chests that contain in-game resources and rare collectibles.

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In WAGMI Defense, players can earn Experience Points (EXP) and strive to reach Player Level 10. Upgrading cards in their collection allows players to acquire EXP, with higher-level card upgrades providing exponentially more EXP.

The journey to acquire EXP is referred to as the Galactic Odyssey, which is essentially the game's quest to attain the maximum account level. WAGMI Defense features a seasonal PvP system that spans 30-60 days. During the season, players engage in PvP battles and earn a specific number of medals with each victory, leading to an increase in their rank. Conversely, players lose medals and decrease their rank with each loss.

As players progress to higher battle ranks, new maps become available, and the competition becomes more challenging. The highest attainable rank is Rank 10, which provides players with unique rewards, including an exclusive Avatar Pose and Badge! When the season concludes, all ranks and medals are reset, and players begin their climb anew at the start of the next season.


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Players will have the option to choose between two factions in WAGMI Defense: the humans fighting to save the earth and claim the battle cry of WAGMI, or the aliens seeking to overtake the defense and claim the vital resource NiFe. The game features a total of 10 playable characters, five for each faction.

The humans in WAGMI Defense have endured numerous natural and man-made disasters throughout the past two millennia, but through the development of breakthrough technologies, they have become a hyper-advanced civilization. With the integration of AI, humans have merged with technology, giving them a significant advantage in the ongoing battle for their planet's survival.

On the other hand, the aliens in WAGMI Defense come from the Zeta Reticuli, a binary star system with advanced civilizations. With their history of conquering other planets, they arrive battle-ready and in desperate need of NiFe to sustain their survival. The aliens, known as "The Greys," are a formidable force with a fierce determination to claim the resource at any cost.

WAGMI Defense features several in-game resources to help players progress through the game:

  • Adallium: The game's hard currency, Adallium, can be used to skip the unlocking time for War Chests and acquire all items in the Shop. Players can purchase Adallium in the Shop using FIAT or crypto.
  • NiFe: NiFe is a valuable resource used to upgrade cards in WAGMI Defense. The higher a card's level, the more NiFe is required for each upgrade. Players can obtain NiFe by winning PvP battles and purchasing it from the in-game shop.
  • Upgrade Cards: These cards are randomly distributed to players as they win PvP battles and can also be acquired using Adallium. A combination of Upgrade Cards and NiFe is required to upgrade cards in a player's collection.
  • War Chests: Players can earn various types of War Chests during their WAGMI Defense journey, with each containing different rewards. Winning PvP battles allows players to unlock War Chests and obtain NiFe, Upgrade Cards, and other rare collectibles.

How to Get Started

WAGMI Games is targeting mobile gamers first and foremost. iPhone users should download the TestFlight app and then download the WAGMI Defense game through TestFlight. Updates will be automatically pushed to the TestFlight app. Android users must request access to install the unregistered app and then manually download and install updates.

To log into WAGMI DEFENSE for the first time, click "MAGIC LOGIN," enter your email, and check the boxes before clicking LOGIN. You will then receive a verification email with a link to click. After clicking the link, wait a few seconds, and you should be able to access the game.

About WAGMI Games


WAGMI Games is a Web 3.0 gaming franchise that aims to disrupt the traditional mobile app store gaming industry by giving power back to the players.