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Are you ready to go XTREME? Trail Xtreme is a thrill-seeking motor game that propels you through loops and stunts, aiming to finish tracks as quickly as possible. In the process, you accumulate points and bike parts for your next Xtreme ride!


The game's art is stunning, with each scene, track, and bike exhibiting a unique and detailed look. Mobile games are making significant strides in visual quality, and Trail Xtreme is an excellent example of this.

Upon launching Trial Xtreme, you'll be pleasantly surprised by a prompt to create your own driver. This is a feature I greatly appreciate in games, as it allows us to represent ourselves in the gaming world in our own unique way.

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The game revolves around a central hub from which you can jump into story mode, tournaments, garage, and workshop. This area is well-executed, allowing you to see and interact with other players. It's also the go-to spot for challenging your friends and other players. However, the lobby size is limited, and you might need to restart the game multiple times to join the same lobby as your friends.

The story mode presents increasingly difficult tracks, and speedy completion rewards you with stars; the faster you finish, the more stars you earn. These stars unlock in-game currency and bike parts needed for new bikes. Although the tracks supposedly increase in difficulty, this is debatable, as some tracks seem easy after completing a challenging one. Nevertheless, each track in Trial Xtreme introduces unique elements, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. Tournaments offer various challenges for prizes, but you can only participate in one at a time.

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The workshop enables you to create and upgrade bikes, enhancing your speed and overall track performance. However, the improvement in bike score doesn't always translate well into the in-game experience. For instance, while speed and balance might increase, control doesn't seem to be affected. Also, a higher bike score doesn't necessarily mean better track performance, as excessive speed might lead to overshooting landings.


Overall, Trial Xtreme plays well, but some track fixes are needed to avoid players getting stuck or falling at certain points. The boost feature adds excitement to the game, but its operation could be clearer. Some designed obstacles can be frustrating due to poorly placed spawn points or less than ideal track design. Despite these minor issues, the game is addictive, easy to pick up for a quick play between chores or during a short break. The challenge mode is an exciting way to compete with friends and earn those bragging rights.

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Trial Xtreme Review

In summary, despite minor issues with track design and certain unclear game features, Trial Xtreme remains addictive and ideal for quick play sessions. Its competitive challenge mode enhances player engagement, allowing for friendly rivalry and bragging rights.



Unique camera dynamics

Highly engaging and addictive gameplay

Promotes competitive spirit


Features such as 'boost' lack consistency

Certain tracks may result in repetitive loops due to challenging obstacles

Bike upgrades do not always correspond well with in-game performance enhancements

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Trial Xtreme

Trial Xtreme is an action-packed motorcycle game with challenging tracks, thrilling tournaments, and bike customization for skillful competition and ultimate bragging rights.


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