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Trial Xtreme is a high-octane motorcycle racing game featuring challenging tracks, exciting tournaments, and bike customization, where players test their skills and compete for ultimate bragging rights.

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Trial Xtreme is a thrilling and competitive motorcycle racing game that pushes players to the limits of their skills on treacherous tracks filled with obstacles. Face off against other players in adrenaline-pumping tournaments and prove your mettle in various challenges to win valuable rewards. With stunning visuals, realistic physics, and precise controls, players will feel the thrill of motorcycle racing as they navigate their way through the diverse and challenging levels. Players can customize their bikes and rider, honing their skills to climb the leaderboards and achieve ultimate bragging rights in the world of Trial Xtreme.


Trial Xtreme features exciting competitive tournaments where players test their skills against others in order to rank higher and win the best rewards. With a variety of tournaments available, players have the opportunity to explore different challenges and compete for a wide range of prizes, keeping the game experience fresh and engaging.

The game offers flexibility in scoring, allowing players to try again and improve their ranking if they are not satisfied with their score. The recently revamped tournament system in Trial Xtreme enhances the gameplay experience by providing better rewards and more challenges, making the game more enjoyable and competitive for players.

The Festival Zone

Trial Xtreme offers an engaging and interactive open environment called the Festival Zone, which serves as the game's lobby and entrance point. In this zone, players can participate in various activities, such as upgrading and crafting new bikes to enhance their performance and aesthetics, contributing to a personalized gaming experience.Β The Festival Zone is a brand new feature in the Trial Xtreme series, offering players a unique space to freely roam and engage in various activities. This innovative addition enhances the overall gaming experience, providing a refreshing take on the traditional racing game format.

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The game fosters social interaction, allowing players to connect and build friendships within the gaming community. In addition to socializing, players can participate in both storyline races and tournaments, showcasing their skills and competing with others for the top spot. This adds an element of excitement and rivalry to the game.

Trial Xtreme features one-on-one duels where players can challenge others and test their abilities in head-to-head races. As for the game's evolution, while the Festival Zone remains unchanged in the alpha version, future versions of the game promise to guide players on a journey to become world champion racers.

How to Get Started

Trial Xtreme is currently in its Closed Alpha phase, available to both iOS and Android owners to enjoy and try out the game.

About Trial Xtreme


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Trial Xtreme

Trial Xtreme is an action-packed motorcycle game with challenging tracks, thrilling tournaments, and bike customization for skillful competition and ultimate bragging rights.


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