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TitanBorn lets players steer tailor-made heroes in a quest for dominance over their opponents to climb the leaderboards and rack up the rewards in an incredibly competitive fighting game.

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In TitanBorn, players don't just control ordinary characters; they take the reins of fully customizable heroes, competing to rise above all adversaries. The game is a product of the developers' passion and nostalgia for the arcade and fighting games they grew up with, taking inspiration from classic fighting titles like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat.

The Story Behind TitanBorn

In a desperate bid to ensure humanity's survival, the enigmatic board of Lazarus Corp. has devised the ultimate test: the Titanborn challenge. Candidates who pass all preliminary stages must pit their strength against one another in this final trial. The goal? To ensure that only the strongest emerge victorious. While some view this test as cruel and unnecessary, the Lazarus Corp. believes that humanity has been sheltered for too long and must shed its weaknesses. With the future of humanity hanging in the balance, there's no choice but to embrace this ruthless vision.

Gameplay and Features

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PvP Autobattler Mode

TitanBorn's PvP Autobattler mode is a testament to strategy and preparation. Before each match, players not only customize their character's appearance and style but also equip them with powerful NFT items. These choices play a pivotal role in determining the outcome, as the subsequent battle between the two opponents is automated, ensuring a fair competition.


In Towers mode, players face a series of computer-controlled adversaries in succession. To finish a tower, players must conquer 10 AI challengers consecutively. Successfully completing a tower earns players XP, which helps level up their character, and provides them with the game's fundamental currency: credits.

Stamina Points and Energy

Stamina points, also known as energy, are a daily resource that players receive. These points are essential for participating in the Autobattler mode. However, they don't accumulate, and any unused points are forfeited at the end of the day. For those eager to engage in more battles, additional stamina points can be purchased using the premium game currency, the $TITANS token.

Game Passes

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Game Passes are the cornerstone of TitanBorn's NFT ecosystem. These passes are crucial for unlocking weekly and monthly tasks, participating in the Autobattler mode, and equipping characters with items. While they enhance the gameplay experience, it's worth noting that Game Passes are non-transferable.

How to Get Started

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Step 1: Account Creation

  • Visit Titanborn and create an account or directly on this page through our Play Now feature.

Step 2: Access the Game

  • Click on the "play" button on the website.
  • Log in using your newly created account details.

Step 3: Customize Your Titan

  • Navigate to the "Titan" section via the top menu.
  • Customize your titan as per your preferences.

Step 4: Understand the Controls

  • Press the "Escape" key to access the game menu.
  • Select "controls" to view and familiarize yourself with the game controls.
  • Click on the "X" in the top right corner to exit the menu and return to the main screen.

Step 5: Practice Mode

  • Navigate to "practice mode" for a hands-on experience and to get a feel for the game controls.

Step 6: Engage in Missions

  • Click on "Missions" to start the towers mode.
  • Play through each stage, battling the AI. The difficulty level increases as you progress.
  • Note: The towers have a 3-hour cooldown. If you exit, you'll need to wait for 3 hours before attempting again.

Step 7: Track Your Progress

  • View your game progress and ranking by selecting "leaderboard" on the homepage.

About TitanBorn



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TitanBorn players command customizable heroes, striving to outshine their foes in an innovative and fast-paced fighting game.