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Tiny Colony


Tiny Colony is a pixelated realm of highly advanced, humanoid ants fighting for survival and the growth of their colony, fantastical creatures and lore filled with epic tales.

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Tiny Colony is a pixelated world constructed on the Solana blockchain, offering a variety of gaming modes, events, and experiences, including the groundbreaking Construction and Management Simulation Blockchain Game.

In the Tinyverse, also known as the Tiny Colony Metaverse, players can construct and expand thriving ant colonies, protect their bases from hostile forces lurking underground, participate in battles against other players, trade goods, and form alliances. Participants have the opportunity to compete in community-wide events such as Quests, Battle Arenas, Gladiator Fights, Mini Games, and many others. With just a single cell, you can start your own Tiny Colony and become a part of a limitless Metaverse with endless opportunities for growth.

The Tiny Colony Base Game provides players with the ability to start building their colony without the need for any NFTs. In the "Training Grounds," players can experience the Construction and Management Simulator aspect of Tiny Colony by constructing a basic set of cells and interacting with the base game characters.

For those seeking to enhance their gaming experience and take part in community events in the Tiny Colony Tinyverse, an abundance of NFTs are available for purchase using TinyBits ($TINY), the game's native token. NFTs can be upgraded using TeenyBits ($TEENY), an in-game currency that can be earned through the effective management and efficiency of your colony, as well as participating in and betting on events and battles within the game.

Game Modes

In the Gladiator Arena, players can engage in head-to-head battles with their high-level NFTs against another player's NFT. The winning player is awarded loot and a substantial amount of TeenyBits, while the losing player will lose some of their NFT's Experience Points. Other players can also take part in the Gladiator Arenas by watching the event and placing bets on their chosen participant.

In the Tiny Colony Battle Arenas, players can gather a team of five NFTs and challenge themselves against waves of dark creatures while facing off against another player's squad. TeenyBits can be earned by successfully clearing each wave, but if the player's characters fall in the arena, they will be unable to use them until the cooldown period has ended. Throughout their journey, players can form alliances and create clans for trading and joint ventures. Tiny Wars is a community-wide event where alliances can engage in warfare for the opportunity to collect the biggest rewards offered in Tiny Colony events.

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In Tiny Slots, players can participate in mini-games for an opportunity to win thrilling prizes. Not only can players earn TeenyBits, but they also have the chance to win rare NFTs. As for Tiny Colony's Tiny Theatre mode, it offers players the chance to visit an in-game web player where they can purchase an admission ticket to view animated short films that showcase the rich history of Tiny Colony.


In this section, we will delve into the function of each cell. The Construction and Management game features over 35 different cells, but for the Tiny Colony MVP, there will be only the first 10 core cells. Let's take a quick look at each of them:

  • The Nest Hall: Acts as the Town Hall for your colony, where all Colony upgrades are done. Upgrades unlock higher tech levels and deeper digging.
  • The Farm Cell: Produces sugar, the life source of your ants, and can be constructed multiple times with a maximum of five farmer ants per cell.
  • The Mine Cell: Produces Scraps, the resources needed to construct cells and build tunnels, and is crucial for colony development.
  • The Storage Cell: Increases Sugar and Scrap limits as the colony grows.
  • The Lab Cell: Produces new Larvae for the colony with the help of a scientist ant.
  • The Nursery Cell: Incubates Larvae into full-grown workers ready for training.
  • The School Cell: Assigns specializations to newly incubated workers to create farmers, miners, scientists, etc. with a capacity of five ants per cell.
  • The Leisure Cell: Offers a relaxing space for ants to improve happiness and efficiency in the colony.
  • The Portal Cell: Imports Character NFTs and eventually Pets.
  • The Training Cell: will eventually be utilized to enhance the skills and increase the XP of your Character NFTs. Accumulating XP will be vital for the imminent Base Defense mode.

How to Get Started

To play Tiny Colony, you can go straight to their MVP website and connect your Phantom or Fractal wallet. From the dropdown menu, select the Colony NFT you wish to use.. If you don't have any Colony NFTs in your wallet, transfer them first or purchase them from the Fractal Marketplace. After completing the above steps, click "NEXT" and you're all set.

About Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony is a pixelated ecosystem, featuring various game modes, events, and experiences, including the first-ever Construction and Management Simulation Blockchain Game.


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