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The Nemots is a strategic trading card game that merges the essence of Pokémon with a captivating Stranger Things vibe. Prepare to dive into battles where quick thinking and strategic decision-making are key.


Deck creation is your first step in The Nemots. Choose between pre-built standard decks or unleash your creativity to construct a customized deck of your own. The game presents an intriguing array of creature and spell cards, featuring whimsical combinations like the Burgerdog and the Swiss Army Goat. Assembling your deck requires meticulous consideration of energy costs, defense, attack power, and the pivotal speed attribute that determines turn order.

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The deck building can seem daunting when you first start out, however, it becomes clearer as you get a feel for the flow of the game.

The Nemots introduces a range of ability cards, each with its own unique impact on the game. Some abilities can only be unleashed when your ability bar reaches its maximum, adding an extra layer of depth to your strategic choices.

Once your deck is ready, you can engage in either single-player battles against the computer or the Player vs. Player (PvP) mode, where you can challenge other players. The battle grid, with its three columns and three rows, is a dynamic arena. Crystals representing your life force reside in the first column, each starting with a resilient ten health points. Proper placement of creatures in the remaining two columns becomes paramount, as it influences the dynamics of attacks and counterattacks. This innovative board setup breaks away from conventional limitations, injecting a strategic twist into the genre.

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Prepare for clashes as your creatures face off against opponents. The balance between attack and defense stats becomes critical, as your creature suffers counterattacks, demanding tactical finesse to avoid self-inflicted damage. Yet, sometimes a well-calculated sacrifice can turn the tide of battle.

As battles unfold and your crystals endure damage, you possess cards to heal and fortify them, ensuring your sustained resilience. The diverse range of creatures at your disposal offers countless strategic possibilities. Constructing a successful deck requires mastering the intricacies of card interactions. Identifying cards that excel against specific opponents becomes essential to achieve strategic excellence. Gameplay is brisk, with a concise turn timer that compels swift decision-making. While you can examine your cards at any time, efficient time management is paramount, as the clock ticks down swiftly. This is good for maintaining pressure but can make things tricky if you are still trying to understand what you have in your hand.

The Nemots AI opponents provide formidable challenges, pushing players to hone their skills through relentless practice. PvP mode doesn't differ that much from the single-player mode, other than seeing a username.

The game's captivating music and unique art style create an immersive ambiance that sets it apart from others in the genre. The visual and auditory elements harmoniously blend, enveloping players in the captivating world of The Nemots.

Furthermore, The Nemots offers Card Labs, a haven where cards can be merged, and orbs can be utilized to bring forth new creatures called Nemots. This additional layer of strategy adds depth and complexity to gameplay, rewarding astute deck builders.


Although still in development, The Nemots presents a distinctive take on the trading card game genre, infusing familiar mechanics with a fresh and alluring style. Its fast-paced nature demands quick thinking and adaptability, distinguishing it from the more deliberate strategic card games of the past. As development progresses, we anticipate witnessing the evolution of The Nemots.

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The Nemots Review

The Nemots is an innovative trading card game that combines familiar mechanics with a unique and captivating style. With its fast-paced gameplay, it requires quick thinking and adaptability, setting it apart from traditional strategic card games. As the game continues to develop, we look forward to seeing how The Nemots evolves and pushes the boundaries of the genre.



Engrossing soundtrack and captivating visuals

Extensive selection of cards with diverse abilities

Energetic and fast-paced gameplay


Steep learning curve for beginners

Limited depth in PvP experience

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About The Nemots

The Nemots

The Nemots is a card game granting players unique ownership over cards and in-game assets, fostering unparalleled game immersion.