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The Nemots, an innovative collectible card game, enables players to possess absolute ownership of their game cards and in-game resources, creating an unparalleled level of player investment and connection with the game.

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The Nemots is a distinctive collectible card game that grants players genuine proprietorship over their cards and in-game assets, thus creating an unprecedented sense of possession within the game. Rendered with exquisite graphics and immersive gameplay, The Nemots weaves an intricate tale that captivates its players. It offers a broad collection of distinctive creatures, termed as "Nemots", and potent spells, enabling players to assemble the ultimate battle deck.


The Nemots offers an extensive single-player mode designed to equip players with the necessary skills, present challenges, and provide rewards for their achievements. Players can initially explore three different modes, with more options to be added in the future. This platform serves as an ideal ground for players to evaluate their decks without the worry of depleting card values.

These initial three modes are:

  1. Training: This serves as the tutorial mode, providing a semi-scripted experience that highlights essential skills required to excel at The Nemots Trading Card Game (TCG). The narrative woven into the training also enriches the game's lore and hints at upcoming plot developments.
  2. Adventure: This mode transports you to various mall locations, pitting you against progressively tougher decks. Your mission is to overthrow the menacing alien overlord and reclaim the mall.
  3. Random Challenge: In this unpredictable mode, you will confront a randomly assembled deck. This mode is not only challenging but also an excellent preparatory ground for player-versus-player (PvP) battles, with rewards awaiting your successful efforts.


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At the heart of The Nemots' gaming experience lies the Player-versus-Player (PvP) mode, where players can put their assembled deck to the test in rank-based battles against other participants. The PvP mode provides four distinct settings:

  1. Toothless: This risk-free mode is ideal for players seeking challenges without risking card damage. However, this mode does not offer leveling rewards.
  2. Novice: This mode is designed for beginners learning the game's basics. It involves a minimal level of risk and, consequently, a minimal reward. While cards can be damaged, the chances are smaller compared to the Pro mode. Card leveling is possible but not as rapidly as in Pro mode.
  3. Pro: The Pro mode calls for a moderate level of risk but promises a corresponding reward. Players can risk their cards in battle to level them up.
  4. Insane: This high-risk, high-reward mode is designed for hardcore players. Each card usage incurs a fee, with a majority of the fee pooled for the victor to claim (available only in regions where regulations permit).

How to Get Started

Starting your adventure in The Nemots is a rewarding experience that will engage you from the outset. Here's a comprehensive beginner's guide to get you started.

Account Creation

The first step in joining the world of The Nemots is to create an account on the official Nemots website. This process is straightforward - simply sign up using your email address and adhere to the on-screen instructions to set up your account successfully.

Establishing Your Card Collection

Once your account is set up, the next objective is to commence building your card collection. The Starter Bundle, which includes a Starter Deck and several significant in-game resources, is an optimal choice for beginners. To acquire cards, the initial purchase of $NTCG is required. Detailed instructions on purchasing $NTCG can be found in our "How To Buy $NTCG" section. Importantly, new users have the option to start with a complimentary deck available in their player account. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the game before making any financial commitments.

Understanding the Basics

Having obtained your cards, the next step is to understand the underlying gameplay mechanics. We recommend perusing the rulebook, watching our tutorial videos, and practicing in the training arena to enhance your understanding of the game dynamics. Detailed information on the cards can be found in our "About the Cards" section.

Choose your Guild

Becoming a part of a Discord guild is a rewarding way to meet other players and refine your skills. In these guilds, you can engage with like-minded players and participate collectively in tournaments and various other events.

Commence Gameplay

The final and most exciting step is to start playing the game. It's time to dive into matches and compete against other players. Remember, experimentation is key in The Nemots. Don't hesitate to explore various strategies and card combinations to maximize your gaming experience.

About The Nemots

The Nemots

The Nemots is a card game granting players unique ownership over cards and in-game assets, fostering unparalleled game immersion.