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Choose your faction and enter the world of The Heist, a game blending strategy, role-playing, and blockchain technology on the lawless Primate Island. Players lead factions in intricate heists, navigate rivalries, and engage in strategic breeding to secure their legacy.

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Welcome to The Heist, a blockchain-based game that invites players to dive into the strategic and competitive world of Primate Island. Here, factions of Chimps, Orangutans, and Gorillas engage in a constant battle for resources, territory, and supremacy. 

Game Lore

At the core of The Heist's story is the Primate Island, a battleground where three distinct primate groups each strive to achieve their unique objectives. Chimps, agile and resourceful, are the masterminds of heists, seeking the excitement of stealth and strategy to accumulate wealth in the form of $KIWI currency. Recognizable by their large ears and gangster-like attitude, they are equipped for quick, incognito operations.

Their primary rivals, the Orangutans, are equally cunning, employing guile and brute force to protect their hoard and disrupt Chimp operations. Living on the fringes, they are seasoned survivors and formidable opponents. Acting as the law enforcement of this chaotic island, the Gorillas aim to maintain order by preventing heists and safeguarding valuable locations. Their role is crucial in the ecosystem, providing balance to the relentless tug-of-war between Chimps and Orangutans.

Gameplay and Features

The Heist introduces players to a multi-faceted gameplay experience, combining strategy, resource management, and competitive interactions. Here's what you can expect:

  • Seasonal Gameplay: The game evolves with season-based updates, offering fresh challenges and opportunities every season.
  • Heists: The core gameplay activity on Primate Island, heists, require careful planning and risk assessment. Players stake NFTs, choose their timing wisely, and hope for favorable outcomes based on the Event Table dynamics.

  • Loot Trips: Players can take on expeditions across the island to gather items and resources critical for success in heists and other activities. These trips are essential for progression and strategy refinement.

  • Jail Break/Breeding: A notable feature allows players to breed new Chimps and Orangutans, enhancing their teams for future heists. Strategic pairings and the use of consumables are key to producing valuable offspring.
  • Item and Access Mechanics: With a range of items influencing gameplay and Access Items needed for entry to specific areas, players must constantly adapt their strategies and inventory to navigate Primate Island successfully.
  • Land Ownership and Development: Players can acquire land, build structures, and harvest resources, adding a strategic depth to the game's economy and territorial battles.

NFTs and Blockchain Integration

The Heist incorporates blockchain technology and NFTs into the game, creating an ecosystem where players can truly own, trade, and invest in their game assets. The currently available NFT collections are The Heist Character Collection and The Heist Land Collection. 

How to Get Started

  1. Sign Up: Register on The Heist website to gain access to the game.
  2. Choose Your Faction: Decide whether you'll align with Chimps, Orangutans, or Gorillas, each offering unique gameplay experiences.
  3. Engage in Heists: Start planning and executing heists to earn $KIWI and other rewards.
  4. Participate in Loot Trips: Explore the island for valuable resources and items.
  5. Breed and Enhance Your Team: Use the Jail Break/Breeding feature to strengthen your team of primates for future challenges.
  6. Invest in Land: Secure land plots to generate resources and gain strategic advantages.

About The Heist


Longwood Labs

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The Heist

The Heist is a strategy game set on Primate Island, where players command choose factions such as Chimps, Orangutans, or Gorillas in a high-stakes quest for dominance and earning.


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