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The Harvest is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising web3 games in popularity at the moment. The game looks astonishingly beautiful and brings an extremely fun MOBA experience accompanied by fast-paced third-person shooter action. 

The Harvest takes you on a journey to a planet called O’Ree-Jin, rich in the Essence of Life, a highly desirable resource amongst the 4 surrounding planets and their unique civilizations. All 4 planets compete in teams of 3 in epic showdowns for the most essence accumulated in a 10 minute timeframe.


What The Harvest instantly stands out for is its focus on teamplay mechanics that have been designed for massive audiences, being easy to play but hard to master. Players will compete in teams of 3 in epic showdowns for the most essence accumulated in a 10 minute timeframe. That’s the win condition of each game, and your hero plays a vital role in helping your team achieve that.

Team compositions are incredibly important in being able to accommodate different players’ needs. Each hero has abilities and power cards. Each one of these can define your playstyle during the game. Ability cards range from buffing your weapon damage to being able to see enemies through walls and surfaces obstructing your view. Every season new NFT cards will appear to keep the meta fresh and always give players new gameplay elements to adapt to.

Another major gameplay component is Companion Cards. Think of it as The Harvest version of Destiny’s Ghost companion robot. Players will be able to go into battle supported with a robot to their side possessing a special ability. This can be anything from executing enemies under a certain health threshold to reviving a teammate when they go down.

So far, The Harvest roster features 5 characters; Alith, Duke, Kira, Sahad, and Braku. The latter is yet to be released, while the former four are available for players to enjoy. Each one of them brings a unique playstyle to the table to cater to different players. 


We got the chance to try out The Harvest first hand with the developers guiding us through the different characters, abilities, and future plans for the game. The Harvest presents itself as a fast-paced team-focused shooter, and the emphasis on teamplay is intelligently implemented in-game to make sure lone wolves can’t simply solo carry a game.

The Harvest rewards players who assist each other and work towards the objective. However, it falls short in delivering a flawless gameplay experience, with frequent glitches, hitbox registration, and connectivity issues. It is worth noting that The Harvest still has a long way to go, but it is an incredibly promising title.

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The Harvest Review

The Harvest brings fast-paced, high adrenaline, and exciting hero-based shooter. The game is far from finished and it shows with major connectivity issues that really hinder the overall experience and relative balancing issues with certain characters. Once you put these aside, The Harvest easily provides one of the most enjoyable gameplay web3 gaming has to offer given that you have a squad to play with.






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The Harvest

The Harvest is a Free To Play third person shooter with MOBA mechanics, and an added blockchain layer. Take control of the Universe’s Essence and own the game!




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