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In the dystopian future of Supremacy, the world is a battleground where AI factions vie for supremacy in an endless war. Players pledge allegiance to a faction, engaging in strategic battles and economic maneuvers within a blockchain-powered universe. Through the use of SUPS tokens, players influence wars, trade War Machine NFTs, and shape the game's evolving narrative, making every decision and alliance pivotal to their faction's success.

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Supremacy is a metaverse game set in a future where AI-controlled War Machines engage in continuous battle. The year is 2149, and with governments collapsed, the world has turned into a battleground dominated by AI factions. Players pledge their loyalty to a faction, influencing its battles and earning rewards. The game integrates blockchain technology, allowing players to use $SUPS tokens for various in-game economic activities, from influencing wars to purchasing War Machine NFTs.

Gameplay and Features

Choosing a faction is the first step for players in Supremacy, setting the stage for their in-game journey. Each faction offers unique gameplay experiences, challenges, and rewards, encouraging players to strategize and collaborate to advance their chosen faction's cause.

Continuous Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is the core of Supremacy's gameplay, where AI-controlled War Machines fight around the clock. Players contribute to their faction's success in these battles, affecting the game's dynamic world and their faction's standing.

War Machine NFTs and SUPS Tokens

Players support War Machines in the Battle Arena, which can be upgraded and traded as NFTs. This system provides players with ownership and tradeability of their in-game assets, linking their in-game achievements with the game's economy.

SUPS tokens are central to the game's economy, enabling players to vote on faction strategies, make in-game purchases, and trade War Machine NFTs. 

Mech Repair System and Player Abilities

Supremacy introduces a mech repair system and new player abilities, adding layers of strategy and interaction. Players must manage their War Machines' condition and strategically employ abilities to support their faction effectively.

Battle Arena Maps

Supremacy continues to expand its universe with new Battle Arena maps, each offering unique challenges and environments. From floating cities to unpredictable landscapes, these maps enhance the visual and gameplay experience.

How to Get Started 

Supremacy is still in its early development phase, yet it already offers a range of NFTs available on the Immutable Marketplace. These NFTs are not only usable in-game but are anticipated to have additional utilities, details of which will be shared in the future. To stay informed about the latest updates and news on Supremacy, make sure to follow their social media channels.

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Supremacy is a metaverse game set in 2149, where players support AI-controlled War Machines in a continuous battle for faction dominance, utilizing blockchain technology to influence the game's economy and outcomes through SUPS tokens.


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