Allow me to paint a picture of the world that Superior has in store for you. It's a peaceful world protected by trusted heroes with various powers, where there is little to fear. However, one day these amazing heroes turn bad, transforming into villainous monsters that spread chaos and terror. Luckily, three rebels rise up to restore peace. As players, we can take on the role of these rebels, either individually or in co-op with up to two friends.


Before diving deeper into the world and gameplay of Superior, let's appreciate the art style we'll encounter in the game. Superior stands out with its unique art style and visual appeal, reminiscent of Borderlands but with a touch of comic book or anime aesthetics. The world, characters, and enemies are distinct and visually pleasing. The game's special effects are well done and complement the overall art style.

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Now, let's explore the game and its various elements. Superior is a third-person shooter with roguelike elements. You start with a basic rebel character (Ronin, Nomad, or Murmur), each with their own abilities, strengths, and skill trees. Afterward, you choose a unique power that remains with you throughout the game, shaping your character's development. Once these basics are established, you embark on various missions that mostly involve finding and hunting down "Juice." Juice enables you to acquire additional hero powers for your character.

Within each map, you encounter a variety of enemies, weapons, and upgrades, allowing you to further enhance your rebel and become a true superhero. At the end of each mission, you are rewarded with Juice and a few smaller upgrades. Every third mission presents a boss fight against a fallen hero turned antagonist, with different setups of enemies based on the chosen difficulty.

The missions themselves are straightforward but could benefit from more variation. It would be great to see additional content added to the game in the future. Nevertheless, the existing repertoire works well, thanks to the randomization of maps, enemy placements, and mission objectives, offering a unique playthrough each time.

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The boss fights are a standout feature, with each fight being unique and well-designed. They provide clear strategies while offering enough challenge to make the victories exhilarating and satisfying. Some balancing adjustments could be made, but overall, the boss fights are enjoyable.

Gameplay is intuitive, with straightforward keybinds that make players feel comfortable. Even with the added complexity of hero powers, such as increased movement speed and jumping, picking up the controls is easy.

Speaking of powers, let's explore the ones available in the game: Fire, Ice, Electric, Xeno, and Force. Each power offers a variety of different abilities. Depending on your choices, you can create a unique superhero character. This adds a lot to the game's replayability and fun factor, as you can experiment with different builds and playstyles.

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Superior offers a choice between solo, group, and random party play, catering to different preferences. Additionally, it features competitive game modes and weekly challenges that test your skills and offer rewards. Each week brings new challenges, modifiers, and buffs or debuffs to enemies, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. Climbing the leaderboard adds a competitive aspect and allows you to showcase your achievements to friends and foes alike.


Overall, I've thoroughly enjoyed Superior, and it keeps me coming back for more. With over 50 hours of gameplay, I can confidently recommend it to friends and fellow gamers. Whether playing solo or with friends, you'll have fun. The roguelike element of choosing superhero powers keeps the game exciting, as you constantly discover new builds and strategies to overcome your enemies.

Considering the only true co-op games in the web3 gaming space at the moment are Big TimeLife Beyond, and the upcoming The Treeverse, Superior is well positioned to dominate the genre if it keeps up their current pace.

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Superior Review

With over 50 hours of gameplay, I confidently recommend it to friends and fellow gamers. Whether you prefer solo or multiplayer, the game guarantees a fun experience. The roguelike aspect of selecting superhero powers adds excitement as you continuously explore new strategies and builds to defeat your enemies.



High replayability value

Enjoyable solo or multiplayer experience

Easy to learn and play

Regular challenging weekly events


Occasional enemy bugs near doors and early awareness

Balancing issues with bosses

Lack of variety in missions and maps

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Superior is a co-op, roguelite, third person shooter where all the superheroes have turned into evil abominations.


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