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Test your FPS skills and enter the world of StrayShot, where survival meets strategy in a blockchain-enhanced multiplayer arena. Players can create or join clans, participate in gripping game modes like Extraction and Team Deathmatch, and navigate through high-stakes resource gathering or coordinated battles for supremacy.

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Developed by iBLOXX Studios, StrayShot is a blockchain-powered multiplayer shooter game set in a South American inspired environment. The game emphasizes survival through a combination of narrative-driven third-person shooting gameplay and competitive elements. It offers various game modes, including Battle Royale, Team Death Match, and Extraction, with the latter focusing on earning in-game rewards and currency. The involvement of NBA stars LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball as playable characters is a notable feature, featuring sports personalities in the game.

Game Lore

The game unfolds within a South American-themed setting. The lore puts players in a scenario where survival and strategic combat are core aspects of gameplay, set within diverse landscapes ranging from dense jungles to abandoned urban areas. 

Gameplay and Features

StrayShot offers a gameplay experience that combines individual skill with strategic team play. Players can select from a range of characters, including those modeled after the Ball brothers, each bringing unique abilities to the battlefield. The game’s emphasis on customization allows players to tailor their characters and weapons to fit their playstyle, enhancing the strategic aspect of the game.

Game Modes

Battle Royale: A staple of the shooter genre, this mode pits a large number of players against each other in a shrinking play zone, with the last player or team standing declared the winner. StrayShot elevates this familiar formula with its detailed environments and character abilities, demanding not only quick reflexes but also strategic planning.

Extraction: the Extraction mode is a thrilling, objective-based game where teams vie to secure and extract valuable resources across the map. It's a strategic battle of wits and coordination, demanding teams to make calculated moves to outmaneuver opponents and secure victory by extracting a predetermined number of resources. Success in Extraction hinges on effective team roles, resource management, and leveraging the environment to gain an upper hand against adversaries.

Team Deathmatch: The Team Deathmatch mode pits two teams against each other in a direct clash, where the objective is to score points by eliminating opponents. Achieving dominance in this mode requires mastering map control, selecting the appropriate loadout for the battlefield, and executing strategic flanking maneuvers. Communication and teamwork are paramount, allowing for coordinated attacks and efficient regrouping after respawns to maintain a competitive edge.

How to Get Started

For those interested in experiencing StrayShot, the game requires a straightforward setup process. Players need to download the game launcher from the official website, create an account, and follow the installation instructions. The game's minimum system requirements are accessible for a broad range of PCs, ensuring a wide audience can enjoy the game. Access to the Beta test also allows game testers to compete in StrayShots beta test tournaments filled with exciting prizes.

About StrayShot


iBLOXX Studios

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StrayShot is a web3 multiplayer shooter that blends intense combat with strategic teamplay. Set in a South American inspired environment, players join clans, compete in diverse game modes, and strive for dominance on the battlefield.


iBLOXX Studios